Hair Treatment
A combination of modern and traditional treatment for your hair. From washing, dry blow, ironing, hair treatment, coloring, re-bonding or highlighting will be just in one place for your convenience after your spa treatment.
Design from a quick and radiant mini facial when you are against time to personalized facial treatment for all skin type. Using skin care product that is dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy tested. Even the eye products have also bee ophthalmologist tested. Either modern or traditional facial treatment, the choice is yours.
Body Scrub
Body scrub is considered essential for beauty and health. The scrub contains natural ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cell and bringing vital glow to the appearance of the skin. Our unique aromatherapy and natural products will gentle cleanse, moisturizes and restore the skin to its baby soft state.
Body Massage
Enjoy our aromatherapy or traditional body massage. A deeply relaxing massage incorporating a traditional massage technique with aromatherapy oil. A powerful combination to restore balance for the body and mind. Treatment that everybody should try.
Manicure & Pedicure
A deluxe treatment for your nails, hands and feet. Including an aromatherapy exfoliating hand and foot polish, cuticle and nail conditioning oil, massage and application of hydrating lotion.

Electro - Reflexologist Treatment
A refreshing ritual using modern technology and painless. Pressure points in the feet are stimulated using the electro - therapy to pressure the point massage. The different waveforms used in the device will enable to work in the whole feet regardless to the areas that reveal the problem.
Bathing Rituals
Soak away the strain and tension in our healing bath that are luxury with aromatherapy essential oil, floral, milk and salt. Feel your muscles relax as you soak in this bath and your minds floats free form the aches and pain of everyday life.
A traditional way of treating woman's precious part of the body. Using special herbs selected by "mak bidan", it will be used for "bertangas" after the herbs is boiled to perfection. A treatment that every woman should not resist.