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SV-TGD4138 780x2620x15mm


Model number:SV-TGD4138


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I. Name:

Shiyi plus +Yanban Dashidai

Advertising language:

Good rock plate, sublimated

Second, the design ideas:

As a new type of surface material in the field of architecture, rock slab is known as Ferrari in the field of design, Guinness in the field of decoration, Wolverine in the field of architecture and the fashion leader in the field of home furnishing. So what exactly is rock plate? Rock slab is rock, not porcelain, and rock slab is plate, not brick. Rock slab is similar to ceramic tile in composition, mainly including inorganic oxides such as natural clay, silica and feldspar powder. However, the rock plate does not contain glaze, and its luster is formed by machine polishing. The appearance of rock slab has opened a new direction for the application of ceramic materials, which also makes rock slab become the new favorite of building materials and decoration industry.

Sublimated ceramic rock plate products are inspired by classic precious stones and natural context, restore stone texture and color, remove redundant details, and present the beauty of rock plate with real and simple surface combined with various technological surfaces. Sublimated rock slabs are widely used in design, such as cabinets, wardrobes, countertops, furniture, household appliances, background walls and so on.

Third, the product selling point

1. larger size and easy application

Sublimated rock plate has diversified specifications, including 760×2600mm, 1200×2400mm, 1200×2600mm, 1200×3000mm, etc. It can be cut flexibly and applied freely. Its weight is much lower than that of stone, and the logistics transportation cost per unit area is low, which greatly reduces the load of buildings.

2. Exquisite craftsmanship and visual shock

Refined by advanced multi-channel digital ink-jet glaze penetration technology, the brick surface technology has bright surface, soft surface, antique surface and forged surface, and covers all aspects; Realize the superposition of various processes such as dry grain, semi-throwing, full-throwing, carved glaze, digital glaze, etc. The pattern is continuous and consistent, the real stone surface is more realistic, the light feeling is softer, the whole feeling is strong, the vision is shocking, and the natural beauty is restored.

3, widely used, arbitrary cutting

Sublimated rock slab, with dimensions that can be cut at will, and multiple thicknesses, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, etc., can be used as needed, whether it is the exterior wall exposed to the sun and rain, the interior wall and floor that pursues magnificent atmosphere, the anti-pollution and easy-to-clean cabinet, the table top that needs wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, or the bathroom furniture that needs waterproof and easy-to-clean.

4. Hard as steel and superior performance

Mohs hardness of sublimated rock plate is 6-7, steel grade hardness, wear resistance, calmly facing various scratches in life! Built by cutting-edge technology, sublimated rock slab has superior performance, high density, high and low temperature resistance, low water absorption, health and environmental protection, and high concentration acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

IV. Space applications

Sublimated rock slab gives designers great display space in the design and materials of the overall sense of space, which is beneficial to meet the individualized needs of customers and help customers to experience consumption. Mainly from the following three aspects to present the space application of sublimation rock plate.

(1) countertop application: natural material selection, health and no radiation, and direct contact with food, which shows not only a high-quality life, but also an attitude of living in sublimation.

(2) Bathroom application: neat and elegant, integrated fashion appearance, excellent performance of 0 water absorption, 0 penetration, easy cleaning and anti-pollution, small space to create a large view to enjoy, sublimated rock slab with arbitrary, easy to control various space styles.

(3) Application in kitchen and dining room: Sublimated rock slab is sintered at 1250℃, which has the functions of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, waterproof, fire prevention, corrosion prevention and deformation prevention. It is a safe material that can directly contact food, and has both aesthetic feeling and practicality.

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