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SV-1L189004 Glenford light grey

SV-1L189004 Glenford light grey 900x1800

SV-1L189004 Glenford light grey

Model number:SV-1L189004 Glenford light grey


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Advertising language: Are you this big?

Design concept:

By imitating precious stones with large area, large pattern, high definition, high fidelity and multi-level, the surface effect of Shiyi PLUS is "not stone, but better than stone", so that ceramic tiles and natural stones are "indistinguishable from true and false", and the integration of decoration and functionality is realized.

Selling point of products:

1, more widely used

According to the needs of modern consumers, more and more attention has been paid to the application space of large-sized ceramic tiles, which were used as the paving of indoor walls and floors in the early days, and then used as curtain wall decoration materials. Nowadays, they are rapidly entering the daily home decoration such as kitchen and bathroom space and countertop decoration materials.

2. The texture is more realistic

With large-sized ceramic tiles, the aesthetic feeling of stone texture can be completely presented on a brick, highlighting the natural texture of stone, restoring the simplicity and generosity of space, making the overall space texture pattern effect more complete and three-dimensional, and the details embodied in the brick surface more abundant!

3. Cleaning is more worry-free

At the moment when everyone is pursuing simplicity, the floor paved with large-sized tiles can minimize the trace of collage and add extra points to the simplicity of space. With less seams left, it can also reduce pollution and shelter from dirt, which is more convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

4. Cut more freely

The innovation of inkjet printing technology has also brought new vitality to large-sized ceramic tiles, and the patterns of brick surfaces are becoming more and more colorful. For designers, large-sized ceramic tiles are more like a piece of cloth, which can be cut at will according to their design requirements. The cut and processed ceramic tiles have a sense of design and provide designers with a wider design space.

5. The effect is more fashionable

Compared with ordinary ceramic tiles, Stone Art PLUS has various advantages, such as better decorative effect, more natural texture and no need to leave seams. Large-sized bricks are paved, with larger single-chip area, which can carry more texture elements, giving people a sense of extension and expansion visually, with more open space and more fashionable decorative effect.

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