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SV-1C8745 Altman beige

SV-1C8745 Altman beige 800x800mm

SV-1C8745 Altman beige


SV-1C8745 Altman beige


SV-1C8745 Altman beige


SV-1C8745 Altman beige
SV-1C8745 Altman beige
SV-1C8745 Altman beige
SV-1C8745 Altman beige

Model number:SV-1C8745 Altman beige


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Advertising Language: Ingenuity, Skills, Treasures and Beauty

Design source:

Superflat glaze: a masterpiece as crystal clear as a gem. The design source of this series of products is gem, which is the transformation of crystal, the beauty of stone, delicate texture, beautiful luster and smooth touch, and is very precious. Designers refined the essence of gems and skillfully applied them to ceramic tiles with advanced technology, which made the ceramic tiles crystal clear, clean and vivid, with magnificent colors. It is as clear and bright as a gem from a distance, and feels smooth and delicate when touched at close range.

Selling point of products:

1, flat

The brick surface is as smooth and smooth as a gem, with smooth and flat brick surface, compact structure, hard texture, high strength, strong durability and high finish.

2, bright

The texture is clearer, the mirror effect is high, the color is bright and soft, and it is clearer and more stereoscopic than the texture of ordinary glazed tiles. The hardness is as hard as DIA, rigid and wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and healthy.

3. Fine

Ultra-flat glaze texture pattern is more unique, with rich layers and exquisite details, showing unique beauty, and showing individual taste on clean brick skin.

Technical features:

1. realization without water ripple and crack

The product is more stable without water ripple and crack. Digital copy technology is applied to product development. By digital copy of precious stone, the texture of stone is restored realistically, and the imprint is on ceramic tile.

2, 4D stereo effect

Through DOM technology, the 4D effect is realized on the brick surface, which has a stronger stereoscopic impression and a stronger sense of transparency, and eliminates the visual fatigue caused by the plane effect.

3. Super flat glazing technology

It not only thickens the glaze thickness on the surface of the product, but also solves the defects of poor flatness, easy dirt hiding and easy wear on the surface of the glazed brick, and saves the troubles caused by cleaning.

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