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SV-2L801015 Cloisonne

SV-2L801015 Cloisonne 800x800mm 600x900mm

SV-2L801015 Cloisonne

SV-2L801015 Cloisonne 800x800mm 600x900mm

SV-2L801015 Cloisonne
SV-2L801015 Cloisonne

Model number:SV-2L801015 Cloisonne

Specification:800x800mm 600x900mm

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Selling point of products:


Adopting green production mode, from material selection to formula, and strictly following high standards, the production, processing and application process of marble tiles is more low-carbon and environment-friendly, which can not only achieve the effect of natural stone, but also avoid the radiation hazard of natural stone.


Marble tiles continues the art of nature, and its texture, color, texture, hand feeling and visual effect completely achieve the realistic effect of natural marble. The product texture is uniform and delicate, the texture is ever-changing, rich and elegant, and the decorative effect is even better than that of natural stone.

Environmental protection

Marble tiles is beneficial to the protection of ecological and natural environment, allowing more people to enjoy the realistic decorative effect of natural marble while reducing the demand for natural marble, avoiding the adverse impact of mining and processing on the ecological environment, effectively protecting the natural environment and saving natural resources.


Ceramic tile is like a delicate and carved work of art in the decoration of space, showing various styles, emitting fashionable and atmospheric temperament all the time. The beauty of its stone texture sets off the luxurious quality of the space, making the whole space more magnificent and vivid.

Technical features:

(1)5D magic ink jet technology

The texture, color, texture, touch and other aspects of marble tiles have completely achieved the realistic effect of natural marble. Let the colors penetrate into the bricks layer by layer, and adopt international color raw materials, so that the ceramic tile patterns show the beauty of three-dimensional reality.

(2) glaze of nanocrystalline diamond

The combination of imported nanocrystalline diamond glaze, mesh fading technology, superimposed glaze layer technology and semi-transparent body technology is used in the process, and marble tiles has outstanding practical performance in waterproof rate, flatness, flexural strength and so on.

(3) Zero-repetition stone texture

Create a zero-repetition stone texture, making each marble tiles unique and showing the beauty of personality; Using the 1280-degree firing process, the marble tiles is smoother and more resistant to corrosion.

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