Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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@ For 20 years, an interview with Sun Jiayue, general manager of Sublimation Ceramics Ordos Store: .

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  2018 is a year of special significance for Mr. Sun of Shenghua Ceramics Ordos Specialty Store. Starting from the agent of Shenghua in 2008, this year is the 10th year, and it is also the beginning of the completion of a new store. One’s life is countless for a few decades. This family who has been with our company for 10 years, this tile tycoon who has worked hard from scratch to the present, this good husband and father who is a filial wife and daughter, What kind of experience do we have, let us walk into today's Sublimation Person of the Year-Sun Jiayue.

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Meet in spring

  For most people, as they grow older, the impulse to do what they say has been polished into warm boiled water, and to do things more is to think twice. Mr. Sun is not. After many other attempts, none of them are the most suitable for him. The exploration is still going on.    

  The economic crisis that swept the world in 2008 does not seem to have affected Ordos. The city is developing steadily in a safe barrier like a spring grass. Mr. Sun is also in such an economic environment, letting go of his wife. Stepping into the ceramic tile industry together, only then began the fate with sublimation.

"In the first few years, the business was very smooth. Such a good economic situation is undoubtedly the biggest boost for me who have just contacted the ceramic tile industry," Mr. Sun said. With a right-hand man, a virtuous wife, Mr. Sun’s career is like riding a roller coaster that goes up and down.

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Accumulate strength in adversity

  However, the good times did not last long, and no one would have thought that Cao Changying Fei will finally enter a cold winter. Since 2011, the entire Ordos economy has taken a sharp turn after its peak. This is a pillar industry with "yang coal country" as the pillar industry and national production. The most famous and glamorous western city is the largest coal city. The high-level construction is accompanied by unfinished buildings everywhere in the city. The government is rare in the mainland and has an economy of 400 billion GDP comparable to Changzhou’s 400 billion GDP. The government has a huge debt to pay, per capita. The GDP is the first in the country, but "every debt collector is short of money." Most people fall into a triangular multi-level debt relationship that is both a creditor and a debtor. They cannot extricate themselves. Such a large-scale and long-lasting economic distress and social anomie have continued for several years. This "one coal dominates" city is still struggling to transform amidst difficulties.

  Just like the economic situation in Ordos, Mr. Sun’s career is also struggling to survive. “I don’t think there is any light, but in this city, we can only accompany it through it slowly. I also have times when I have no confidence. There are also times when I want to give up, but I think that there are manufacturers, teams, and my family behind. This heavy responsibility is also the start of my dream and I can only stick to it."

 "It can be said that Ordos has entered the most difficult period in the history of development." said Bai Yugang, secretary of the Ordos Municipal Party Committee. However, locals also said, "Watching a city is the same as watching a TV series. You can't just stop on one episode."

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Take off after the transfer

  Time came to the Hangzhou National Distributor Summit in September 2017. Before entering the venue at that time, Mr. Sun didn’t know what answers the summit would bring him. “I want to know other distributors too. How did you do it? Why do you represent the same brand and others do so well, but you are not satisfactory? You can't blame the economy for everything, and you have to find the reasons for yourself."

  At the end of the summit, Mr. Sun’s questions have been answered to varying degrees in his own dimensions. “Being out of touch with the manufacturer for too long and not actively keeping up with the team’s pace is a problem.” Mr. Sun said with emotion, unprecedented For Sun Zong, who is groping forward in the fog, this summit means taking off and a new life. The new VI image of the terminal storefront, professional lecturers answering questions, and the powerful force shown by the team.


 "I have really waited for too long. I want to make this brand bigger and bigger and make it our Ordos brand. I am a stubborn person who must do one thing well",

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  With the support of manufacturers, Mr. Sun, who has high execution ability, began to build a new store, the establishment of a new team, accumulatively accumulated, soaring to the sky, "Design must be emphasized, thinking must be innovative, and channel construction. The next step is to expand to the surrounding market. Expand and take the distribution route.” In Mr. Sun’s plan, everything is no matter how big or small, everything is a win. We believe in the power of people, that people can conquer the sky, and everything is done by people.

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