Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Ascension plan, an interview with celebrities | Cao Shengli: Go against the trend, accumulate energ.

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In the ever-changing environment of the ceramics market, how to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition and seek development is a problem that many companies and distributor partners are facing. There is such an outstanding person in the group of Shenghua ceramics distributors. He is not afraid of the past and the future; he is solid and capable, can be sharp in time, seek change in stability, and move forward steadily. He is Mr. Cao, the distributor of Shenghua Ceramics in Tangshan, Hebei. Let Mr. Cao share with us his deep friendship with Shenghua.

"Interview with celebrities | Cao Shengli"


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Editor: What kind of opportunity made you choose Shenghua Ceramics?


Tangshan dealer

I think everything needs fate, and the same is true for business. Before acting as an agent for sublimation, I had done design, and then the idea of running a ceramic shop was born. When I was investigating the brand in the early stage, Shenghua gave me a good feeling. Whether it was the strength of the manufacturer, the color of the product and the policy support of the headquarters, it gave me a lot of confidence, so I finally decided to sign the Shenghua brand.

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Meritorious Award

President Cao of Tangshan Flagship Store (first from right)

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Top Ten Outstanding Distributors

President Cao of Tangshan Flagship Store (third from right)


Awarded at the 20th Anniversary Dealer Summit

Meritorious Award, Top Ten Outstanding Distributors

Editor: Which products are more popular? How to promote products in general?


Tangshan dealer

With the improvement of consumption level, they have higher requirements for home atmosphere and aesthetics. Therefore, large-size tiles are very popular. At present, 600×1200mm and 750×1500mm series products are favored by consumers, especially gray Series and white series products. Our products are relatively cost-effective and in line with consumer expectations. There are also special areas for display in the store and one-to-one explanations by shopping guides, which have won unanimous praise from customers who enter the store.

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Editor: What do you do in terms of team management?


Tangshan dealer

In terms of team management, we are more humane, leaving room for employees to play freely. The employees in the store are also stable. The longest working age of the old employees is 15-16 years, and the shortest working age is 4-5 years. Cooperate with tacit understanding. We also have young employees born in the 90s who continue to inject new energy into the team, and we will occasionally hold trend sharing sessions in the store to talk about our products, current business conditions, and analyze the market status, and set a small Goal, move towards the goal.

20 years

Best Team Award

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President Cao of Tangshan flagship store (second from right)


Awarded at the 20th Anniversary Dealer Summit

Best Team Award

Editor: How did the Tangshan flagship store operate in the first half of the year? What are your plans to break through the market in the second half of the year?


Tangshan dealer

The current market situation is generally not optimistic, but our Tangshan store is still developing steadily. As the saying goes, "If you can't kill me, it will only make me stronger." In the second half of this year to be more active in multi-channel marketing , by a line under the on-line publicity , enhance brand awareness and hone their activities through the terminal, honed team.

The more the trough, the more opportunities we have, the more we have to face the difficulties , our Tangshan flagship store last year invested in the renovation and upgrade of the 1,300 square meter exhibition hall, reverse development, and become a "agent sharing exhibition hall" to display our products in a better way Come out, focus on helping agents. It can be said that in Tangshan, many competing partners will find time to learn after the decoration of their showrooms.

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Editor: As far as I know, package customization is very popular now. What are the current operating channels?


Tangshan dealer

Now we mainly have our own agent channels and strategic cooperation with decoration companies. In addition to continuing to cultivate in the original advantageous channels, we will also gradually deploy directly-operated stores and support agents, from point to line to surface, and brand Fully rolled out to achieve omni-channel operation.

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Editor: During your management of the sublimation brand, who do you want to be most grateful for?


Tangshan dealer

Over the past ten years, I have many people to be grateful for. In the process of operation, I am very grateful for the support of the headquarter leaders, the careful guidance of the headquarter designers and the help of the regional managers. In the store, I have very good employees. Everyone works together to do one thing well, so I am very grateful Brothers and friends who walked through ups and downs together.


Thanks for the support of the headquarter leaders

——Mr. Cao of Tangshan Flagship Store

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Editor's note: Professionalism and focus, pragmatism and sincerity... Mr. Cao's vision is sharp, strategizing , and his years of operating experience have given him a set of unique brand business experience. This kind of management awareness and sincerity will surely enable him to successfully conquer the terminal market, become bigger and stronger in the local terminal market, and reach a new peak in his life!


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