Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Ascension plan, interview with celebrities | Wang Lin: Dare to work hard, is the winner!

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Today's ceramic terminal market is fiercely competitive, and some people are sighing, but there are still some outstanding ceramic people who think in reverse and turn crises into opportunities. They are rational and savvy, treat their careers wholeheartedly, love their careers, and are calm and free in the complex and changeable market. They are true actionists and doers . One of them is the "master" of the sublimation enterprise- Shijiazhuang Wang Lin, the general agent of Shenghua .

"Interview with celebrities | Wang Lin"


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Editor: How many years have you been in the ceramic industry?

President Wang

Shijiazhuang dealer

Entered the ceramic industry in 2005, and it has been 16 years now.

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Shijiazhuang distributor Wang

Editor: There are many brands in the ceramic industry. What kind of opportunity made you choose Shenghua Ceramics?

President Wang

Shijiazhuang dealer

In fact, it is also fate. I joined the industry in 2005, and I was doing product sales for small enterprises in Guangdong. I happened to have contact with Shenghua. At that time, when meeting with customers, they were very satisfied with all aspects of the product placement of Shenghua Ceramics, and the quality was also good. With the development of consumer trends, consumers are more inclined to brands when choosing products, so I began to understand tile brands. At this time, a regional manager from Shenghua came to the store. After understanding, Shenghua can give me more and better development space regardless of its product system or policy assistance and brand promotion. So I finally chose Sublimation ceramics.

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Brand advertising marketing

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Brand production base

Editor: Which products are popular? How to promote the store?

President Wang

Shijiazhuang dealer

At present, the 800×800 specification is more popular. Some of our engineering projects also use 800×800 specification products, such as full-body marble tiles and fully polished glazed products. For product promotion, firstly, there is a special area for product display in the store; secondly, the headquarters puts high-speed rail, CCTV, and self-media advertisements, and the brand's popularity is further expanded; then there is advertising promotion in sales channels and storefronts, and headquarters design support As well as event planning support and multi-dimensional publicity, it is clear to customers when they enter the store.


The Fuxing High Speed Rail goes online

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CCTV advertising, strength broadcast

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The whole network marketing strategy upgrade

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Editor: How was the operation of Shijiazhuang specialty stores in the first half of the year? Can you talk to us about your development plan for the second half of the year?

President Wang

Shijiazhuang dealer

 In the first half of the year, the overall market was somewhat affected, but it did not affect us much. After normal rework, we immediately connected agents and home improvement companies in various districts online to match our next trend. Just this year, the transformation and upgrading of the store is completed, and we plan to convene agents to come back and discuss our agent operation assistance and channel development in the second half of the year.

Competition and opportunity coexist

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Editor: As far as I know, you do well in home improvement and distribution channels. How do you operate these channels?

President Wang

Shijiazhuang dealer

 We are now mainly home improvement + distribution channels. I have been in the ceramics industry for many years. In terms of channel operation, I have my own fixed network resources and the exchange of resources between customers. Speaking of network resources, I organized a group with a few of my friends and went to Foshan to sign a contract for sublimation. In one fell swoop, I set up an agent for Shijiazhuang City, Zhengding District, Gaocheng District, and Pingshan County. It was because I trusted Sublimation, whether it was the support of manufacturers. The strength is still very satisfactory in all aspects of product cost-effectiveness, so I still have the confidence to make Shenghua Ceramics bigger and stronger in this region.

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President Wang (third from left)

Editor: What image projects have you done so far? Can you talk to us?

President Wang

Shijiazhuang dealer

 The image project we are currently doing is the famous local five-star hotel of Shijiazhuang Medical College. The project uses our full-body marble tiles and fully polished glazed tiles. While doing government projects, we are also expanding our brand's reputation and influence locally. force.

Five-star hotels in Shijiazhuang Medical College

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Editor: Please sum up the sublimation ceramics in your eyes in one sentence?

President Wang

Shijiazhuang dealer

 Choosing sublimation, I think it is a new starting point for my career, choosing sublimation also makes my career even more sublimated!

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Editor's note: President Wang, who has goals and courage, can always plan tactics. In his distribution method, high-quality products and professional and attentive service are the business methods he has always insisted on. I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Wang, Shenghua Ceramics Shijiazhuang Specialty Store will be able to become bigger and stronger locally. Local owners bring more "benefits".


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