Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Upgrading plan, interview with celebrities | Li Chun, general manager of Tianjin branch: Service fr.

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"Thousands of people are of the same heart, and then there is a thousand people's power; 10,000 people are different, and no one can use it" This is a kind of team power. The development of any enterprise is inseparable from the efforts of its employees, as well as the support of customers. Over the years, there have been many dealer customers who have accompanied Shenghua through the ups and downs. They are in the terminal, and they have witnessed the development and growth of Shenghua, and have a deep affection for Shenghua. One of them is "action". It is Li Chun, the general manager of Tianjin branch.

"Interview with celebrities | Li Chun"


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Editor: How many years have you been in the ceramic industry? Why did you choose to enter this industry?

Mr. Li: It has been 13 years since I joined the industry in 2007. At that time, I felt that this industry had a good prospect, because our country was developing at full speed and was pursuing urbanization, and there was a great demand for ceramic products, so the development prospects were very good.

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Excellence Progress Award

Manager Li of Tianjin Branch (second from right)

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Excellent Market Construction Award

Manager Li of Tianjin Branch (first from right)

Editor: With so many brands in the ceramic industry, what made you decide to choose the sublimation ceramic brand in the end?

Mr. Li: I have inspected at that time. First of all, I felt that the word "sublimation" gave me a very strong sense of belief, which symbolized the prosperity and prosperity of my career and life; secondly, I felt that the factory was strong and the products The types and colors are very rich, which can fully meet the needs of the market. Moreover, the development model of the Tianjin branch is very good. It was because of this that was determined to develop together with Shenghua. Facts proved that The choice is right, and I am also confident to make Tianjin branch bigger and stronger!

Life in sublimation

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Brand production base

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Editor: In the first half of this year, various industries were affected by the epidemic. What is the overall situation of the Tianjin branch?

Mr. Li: Generally speaking, the market as a whole has an impact in the first half of the year. According to market changes, our Tianjin branch has changed marketing ideas, turned competition into opportunities, upgraded stores, and waited for the market to gradually pick up. I believe we will be able to make a gorgeous appearance. .

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Editor: At present, which products are popular in the terminal, and how does the Tianjin branch do product promotion?

Mr. Li: At present, the best-selling products in the terminal are mainly in the specifications of 800×800 and 600×1200, such as dark gray. Consumers also prefer large-textured products, which are simple and easy to match. Regarding product promotion, our Tianjin branch also pays more attention to it. First of all, the headquarters has upgraded marketing in recent years. The Fuxing high-speed rail advertisement, CCTV advertisement and self-media promotion have greatly improved brand awareness. Secondly, the Tianjin branch closely follows the development trend of the headquarters. , After the new products are launched, they will be displayed in the agency stores in various districts, and promoted in the circle of friends.

Brand advertising marketing

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Outdoor advertising display

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Editor: What image projects have you done so far? Can you talk to us?

Mr. Li: Speaking of the project, to welcome the 2022 Winter Olympics, we have successfully won the special tile supply project for the reconstruction and expansion of Zhangjiakou Airport, as well as the Tianjin Meteorological Bureau, to contribute to the motherland. Our Tianjin branch is obliged to do so.


Zhangjiakou Airport


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Zhangjiakou Airport

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Tianjin Meteorological Bureau

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Editor: Do you have your own unique method for team building and store management in Tianjin branch?

Manager Li: Regarding team building, first of all, the headquarters has regular product knowledge and professional skills knowledge training support; secondly, we will also go to the agency store to explain and popularize knowledge from time to time, in order to better serve customers .

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Team management, cohesion is the key


Store management has a dedicated person responsible for regular maintenance, and timely arrangement of sample promotion for new products. If problems occur, they will be communicated and resolved as soon as possible.

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The team fights the country, the management determines the country


Editor: Mr. Li, can you talk to us about the development direction of the Tianjin branch in the second half of the year?

Mr. Li: At present, we are mainly based on agents + complete equipment. In the second half of the year, we plan to integrate agent resources and increase publicity efforts to promote products, deepen the Tianjin market, radiate agents in North China, and fully support and assist them in creating a complete The team has improved professional skills, assisted agents in tackling key retail channels, and increased market share.

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Editor's Note: There will always be perseverance in the ordinary, which will move people's hearts and urge people to move forward. From the process of interviewing Mr. Li from the Tianjin branch, we learned his avant-garde ideas and pursuits for the ceramic tile industry. In Mr. Li, we have seen his strong feelings and trust in the brand, and the firm belief and ambition. I believe that under the leadership of President Li, Shenghua Tianjin Branch will be more dazzling on the road of future development!


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