Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Upgrade plan, interview with star figures | Huang Mingzhu: Because of love, stick to it!

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Foreword: Do one line, love one line! Love is the source of everything, because of love, so persist; because of persistence, so success, every outstanding inevitably accompanied by the love from the heart. Today, let us get to know Huang Mingzhu, the general manager of Shenyang Shenghua Store, to explore her work trajectory and share her secrets of success.

"Interview with celebrities | Huang Mingzhu"


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Editor: Is Shenghua Ceramics the first Guangdong ceramics brand you have come across? What kind of opportunity made you choose sublimation ceramics?

Mr. Huang: Shenghua is the first Guangdong ceramic brand I came into contact with. I have made Shandong bricks and Fujian bricks for 20 years. With the development of the market, everyone is emphasizing Guangdong bricks and brands. At this point in time , I feel need

A change is about to be made. My friend thinks the brand of Shenghua is good, and recommended it to me. At that time, it was the 20th anniversary celebration of Shenghua. I took this opportunity to visit the Foshan headquarters. We felt very satisfied with the strength of the headquarters and

The support in all aspects gave us a lot of confidence, so we finally chose to act as an agent for Shenghua Ceramics.

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Editor: In the first half of this year, various industries were affected by the epidemic. What is the overall situation of the store? What are your plans for future development?


Mr. Huang: In the first half of this year, all walks of life have been affected. The market in the northeast of China has basically been delayed for one month. The impact has been quite large, but the market has recovered since May, and it is still okay. March market

Before it was fully open, we followed the pace of the headquarters and participated in online live events to get the whole team to move first.

Headquarters online live



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Mr. Huang: I have a few thoughts on the future development plan. The first step I want to transform is to adjust the business method according to the market situation in the northeast to increase sales; secondly, improve the professionalism of the store team Knowledge

Skills, build a professional team; another thing is to build the image of the sublimation brand locally and place advertisements; the last point is that we have won a new store this year, and now the store is about to be completed, while we are improving the image, we

Efforts are being made to develop engineering channels.

professional team

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Life is sublimating!

Learning never ends

Hard work must be rewarded

There will be results in your efforts

Editor: At present, which products are popular in the terminal, and how do you do product promotion?

Mr. Huang: The best-selling products in the Northeast market are basically 800×800 full-body marble tiles. Consumers choose more white and gray products, and the matching of these two colors is also more versatile.

Yes, it will not be out of date.

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Whole body marble tiles

Mr. Huang: We have three storefronts for store promotion. Each storefront is equipped with shopping guides, and they are all veterans who have worked with me for more than ten years. When customers enter the store, our shopping guides will guide and introduce customers. ,another

In addition, I will also advertise in prominent locations in the local building materials market to deepen consumers’ impression of sublimation.


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Editor: How are the operating channels maintained?

Mr. Huang: Now it is basically retail + distribution. We have been learning and making progress in store management. I have been working in the ceramic industry for more than 20 years before acting as an agent for Shenghua. I have also accumulated many dealer contacts and many channels.

We have our own resource recommendations, and our products are relatively cost-effective, so customers will still come to us.

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Editor: Please sum up the sublimation ceramics in your eyes in one sentence?

 President Huang: I am sublimated to glory, and I am proud to be sublimated! As an agent of Shenghua Ceramics so far, I feel I am honored and very proud. The leaders of the factory at the headquarters have been very concerned about us and helped us solve problems in time.

And I like the word "sublimation" very much, it seems to give me strength invisibly, I believe and firmly believe that we can do sublimation better and better in the local market!

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A Glimpse of Shenyang Store

Editor’s note: The business and the dealers are mutual. The trust of dealers is the vitality of the enterprise, and the vitality of the enterprise is also the driving force of the dealers. Trust, cohesion, and perseverance are the firm beliefs that the market will survive the cold winter.

Only when both parties reach an agreed goal will this road go further. In the future, I believe that Shenghua Shenyang Store, under the leadership of Mr. Huang, will surely be able to ride the wind and waves, and do better!


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