Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Ascension plan, exclusive interview with celebrities | Yue Rutao: Stick to ingenuity and be consist.

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Before the words : This is a group for ceramics industry,for marketing reform dare to play, Impartiality people. They are the backbone of sublimation ceramics;hewhois thesublimation ceramic lovely, respectable people;hewho, with practical action interpretation of the sublimation ceramic 22 years the spirit of ingenuity,he is one of the outstanding representatives -Linyi, Shandong Branch General Manager Yue Rutao.

"Interview with celebrities | Yue Rutao"


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Editor: With so many brands in the ceramic industry, what made you decide to choose the sublimation ceramic brand in the end?

Mr. Yue: I have been acting as an agent for Shenghua Ceramics since 2016. At that time, I was looking for a brand and I also inspected the market. Shenghua Ceramics gave me a very cordial feeling, and there was a very strong factory strength and brand strength behind it, which helped us. The support was also great. At that time, the manufacturer also gave me great confidence in sublimation, so I finally made up my mind to choose sublimation.

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Excellent Market Construction Award

Mr. Yue, General Manager of Shandong Linyi Branch (third from right)

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Top Ten Outstanding Distributors

Mr. Yue, General Manager of Shandong Linyi Branch (sixth from right)

Editor: In the first half of this year, various industries were affected by the epidemic. What is the overall situation of the store? What are your plans for future development?


Mr. Yue: In the first half of this year, all walks of life were affected by the epidemic, and our side was also somewhat affected. Under the epidemic, no one can stay out of the situation. We did not stop moving forward, but organized everyone to move together. Including March and April, we followed the pace of the headquarters and opened a new marketing model, online live marketing + community marketing, as well as our agents below, and we often do some alliance activities, holiday promotions and so on.

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Regarding future planning, I must first focus on the exclusive shops of various agents in Linyi, unified rectification and unified standards; secondly, continue to improve the team’s professional knowledge, strengthen service awareness, and create a professional team.

Team; Finally, in the second half of the year, we will focus on building the decoration company market, expand market share, and build brand awareness locally.

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▲ Sublimation of a new image | Facade

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▲ Sublimation of a new image | Lobby

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▲ Sublimation of a new image | Lobby

Editor: What are the existing business channels and how are these channels maintained?


Mr. Yue: We belong to the branch company model. Now our main business channels are: agents + home improvement + engineering. In fact, different people have different business models. We have also come out step by step.

I often have to run in the community and run business. Of course, there must be personal network resources. With a good product, then service is our first priority.

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Editor: At present, which products are popular in the terminal, and how do you do product and brand promotion?


Mr. Yue: The most popular products are now 800×800 full-body marble tiles and 750×1500 continuous pattern slabs.

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We still attach great importance to this aspect of promotion, especially the agents below. The regular advertisements in the store are naturally indispensable. We also do outdoor advertisements, such as large screens in shopping malls, building materials market gates, school gates, washing machines

Car shops, etc., enhance brand exposure in all aspects.

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Editor: So far, what representative projects have been done as an agent for Shenghua Ceramics, can you give us an example?


Mr. Yue: At present, he has done projects such as Liyuan Thermal Power, Xuyang City Scenic Area, and Lanling Development Zone People's Hospital.

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Editor: Please sum up the sublimation ceramics in your eyes in one sentence?


Mr. Yue: Summarizing the sublimation ceramics in my eyes in one sentence, our sublimation slogan couldn't be more appropriate: life is sublimation! After choosing sublimation, all aspects of my career, personal and life have been continuously improved

Hua, promotion, and I have the confidence to make sublimation stronger locally!

Editor's note: Some people compare time to a ruler and use it to measure life. Different people have different measurement values for this ruler, and so are brands. I believe that Shenghua Ceramics Shandong Linyi Branch will be led by Mr. Yue

Next, it will definitely be more dazzling on the road of future development.


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