Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Chairman of Shenghua Hefei Flagship Store

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Interview with Sui Dongbin, Chairman of Hefei Flagship Store of Shenghua Ceramics

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In the graduation season of one year, no matter what major graduates, there are always some people who can't find jobs. Where is their way out? Our excellent distributor of sublimation ceramics Hefei has set a good example for everyone. Sui Zong ten years ago, after a brief confusion after his graduation, he quickly changed his thinking and entered the ceramic tile industry with the support and encouragement of his family and friends, forming an indissoluble bond with sublimated ceramics for ten years.

Ten years, a total of three thousand six hundred and fifty-six days; Ten years, how many sunrise and sunset, winter to Qiu Lai. Dealers in a region can cooperate with enterprises for ten years, and what connects them may have been not only interests, but also the charm of a brand and the rare loyalty of a dealer. Then, under what chance did they reach cooperation? What kind of experience made them have such a deep friendship? What is the charm of such an enterprise? Let the excellent distributor of Sublimation Ceramics Hefei share with us his ten-year relationship with Sublimation.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to continue to pay attention to the interview section of ceramic net. I'm yoyo, the host of the program. Today, Mr. Sui Dongbin, a Hefei distributor from Sublimation Ceramics, came to our live room. Hello, welcome to our live room.

Hello, host.


[Moderator] Can you briefly introduce to us where you come from and why you chose to enter the ceramic industry? What did you do before?

[Suizong] OK, I am an agent of Shenghua Ceramics from Hefei, Anhui Province. My name is Sui Dongbin. I chose to enter the ceramic industry because I just graduated at that time and wanted to start my own business. In 2008, the overall market environment of the ceramic industry was very good, and just some friends were doing this. With the support of my family and friends, I chose to enter this industry at that time, and then I have been doing it all the time.


[Moderator] At that time, ceramic brands should be in full bloom, so why did you finally choose sublimated ceramics?

At that time, cooperation with sublimation was based on several considerations. First of all, of course, the sublimation ceramic products are excellent in quality and well-known. Compared with other brands, their colors are richer and more comprehensive, and the quality of their products has a very good reputation in the industry. In addition, the support of sublimation ceramics to the terminal at that time was quite good. At the beginning of that time, with the support and help of the headquarters, it came to this day. To sum up these things, I think it is right to choose sublimation ceramics, and it has been done for ten years.


[Moderator] What do you think are the most impressive moments in the past ten years?

In the past ten years, the most impressive thing is that we participated in Anhui Group Buying Network in Hefei in the first year. In that year, we were with a big brand and held this group meeting together. At that time, the company sent two planners to help us organize activities and plan the scene. With the concerted efforts of our whole company, we finally sold more than 100 orders, and at that time, customers were very appreciative of our products and colors, including our team's services in this respect.


  【主持人】那么您认为,客户选择我们ob欧宝棋牌 这个品牌,最核心的地方是什么呢?

  【随总】第一个是我们的产品质量,这么多年来ob欧宝棋牌 始终坚持过硬的产品质量。第二个方面是我们作为终端这一块,工厂要求我们代理商要把服务运营做得非常好,包括售前,售中还有售后的服务一定得做好,因为只有服务这一块做好才能赢得客户的心。









[Moderator] Under such a rigorous implementation system and organizational structure system, our sales must be very good, right? Can you share it with us?

[General Manager] Yes, when it comes to sales, because we upgraded and renovated our store at the end of last year, and this renovation used some of our latest high-quality products. Therefore, since the opening of the business, our sales have been quite good so far.


[Moderator] I would like to ask, who has touched you most or wanted to be grateful for you in the past ten years?

[General] In the past ten years, there have been many people to be grateful for. In recent years, in the course of the company's operation, in the most difficult period, there were very good brothers and very good employees. Everyone worked together to help the company tide over the difficulties and then help the company to a better level. Therefore, I am very grateful to those brothers who have walked together in the company.


[Moderator] Ok, thank you very much for being able to accept our interview. I believe that with the overall personality charm, we will definitely boost the local influence of our brand in Hefei, and we can do better and better, and our business will grow bigger and bigger.

Thank you. I'm very happy to accept your interview today. I hope to cooperate again next time.


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