Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Ascension plan, exclusive interview with celebrities | Zhu Xudong, General Manager of Nantong Branc.

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Ingenuity, use time to achieve high-quality goods; innovation, use breakthroughs to lead development, and innovation requires craftsmanship. He insists on "integrity-based"; he insists on making the service better; he is the general manager of Shenghua Nantong branch-Mr. Zhu.

"Interview with celebrities | Zhu Xudong"


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Editor: You have been in the ceramics industry for a few years. What finally made you determined to choose sublimation ceramics?

Mr. Zhu: It has been 20 years since I entered the ceramics industry in 2000. During this period, I have also made many brands. I chose Shenghua Ceramics because the quality of Shenghua ceramics products has been stable and reliable for many years. When other brands are blindly investing in expansion, Shenghua Ceramics has been working silently, constantly developing and upgrading production equipment, and the quality of the products is obvious to all. This pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit has allowed me to join hands with Shenghua Ceramics until today.

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Top Ten Outstanding Distributors

Mr. Zhu, Nantong Branch (fifth from right)

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Outstanding Store Award

Mr. Zhu of Nantong Branch (fourth from right)

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Best Team Award

Mr. Zhu, Nantong Branch (third from left)

Editor: In the first half of this year, various industries were affected by the epidemic. What is the overall situation of the Nantong branch? Can you talk to us about the development plan for the second half of the year?

Mr. Zhu: In the first half of this year, the sales of Nantong branch increased by 15% year-on-year. The main period of impact of the epidemic was February and March. We ushered in a wave of sales peaks since April, and some best-selling products were even out of stock. Fortunately, The headquarters took advantage of its production capacity to quickly schedule production, and the shortage of stocks was resolved in a short time without keeping customers waiting.

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In the second half of the year, the branch will continue to leverage its channel advantages and strengthen cooperation with packaged companies; steadily increase distribution channels, serve customers well, and increase regional market share.

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Facing customers to improve satisfaction

Editor: What are the best-selling products in the terminal at this stage, and how do you publicize and promote your products?

Mr. Zhu: At this stage, the terminal full-body marble series 800*800 and 600*1200 specifications are generally sold well, especially the diversified paving methods of 600*1200 specifications, which are well received by young consumers. In addition, the 400*800 full-body marble medium slab is gradually being sought after by consumers, and its overall performance is better than that of traditional tiles.

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Regarding product promotion and promotion, first of all, the headquarters has upgraded its marketing strategy in recent years, and launched Fuxing high-speed rail and CCTV advertisements. Secondly, we also rely on the media, circle of friends, and designer channels for multi-dimensional promotion of products. Publicity.

Brand advertising marketing

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Editor: What representative engineering projects have Nantong branch done so far? Can you give us an example?

Mr. Zhu: At present, many colleges and universities in the province, such as Jiangsu University, Taizhou University, Yangzhou University, and Nantong New Town Community, hardcover real estate, Venus Moon Club, Qidong People's Hospital, Qidong Atour Hotel and other projects are currently being done.


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Editor: In your cooperation with customers, is there anything that impresses you? What do you think is the reason why customers choose you?

Mr. Zhu: What impressed me more deeply was a channel customer. His usual business is very hot. We very much hope to cooperate with him. But at the beginning, he cooperated with many brands, so he didn't consider us at all. He went to the door to discuss several times. Agree with us on the model, gradually build trust in the cooperation, and now has become our loyal partner. Customers ultimately choose us. In addition to product quality and market reputation, the operation model and service of the Nantong branch are highly recognized by customers.

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Integrity and service first

Editor: Mr. Zhu, we understand that your branch is in full swing. Please share with us. Some of your successful experience and gains in operating the sublimation brand?

Mr. Zhu: The operation of our branch is different from the traditional sales model. We need the simultaneous development of multiple channels of retail, packaged, and agents. In the retail and packaged areas of direct-sales stores, we also pay close attention to pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales services. Act to serve customers well; we are also constantly adjusting the agent channels, with more services and support for dealers to continuously improve the store image, establish a professional team, and increase market share.

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Editor's Note: In Mr. Zhu's plan, everything is fine and precise. We believe in the power of man, that man can conquer the sky, and everything is done by man. Mr. Zhu is courageous and strategic, never forgetting his original intention, and with advanced insight and super execution ability, Nantong Branch has shown a vigorous development trend. I believe that under his leadership, there will be more gains.


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