Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Chairman of Shenghua Nanjing Flagship Store

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Interview | Wang Kuaikuai, Chairman of Shenghua Ceramics Nanjing Flagship Store

All the encounters are reunion after a long separation. In a twinkling of an eye, the growth of sublimation has entered the twentieth year. Along the way, dealers and friends have joined the sublimated family and injected new vitality into it. It is a great fate to have this encounter among all the people. Sublimation ceramics and distributors cherish this relationship very much, and always help and support each other. Their experiences have become unforgettable memories for each other. Let's listen to the exclusive memory between Nanjing distributor Wang Kuaikuai and Sublimation.

Wang Kuaikuai, Chairman of Nanjing Shenghua Ceramics Flagship Store


Reporter: You have been in the ceramic industry for several years. What did you try to do before entering this industry? Why did you choose to enter this industry?

Mr. Wang: I started to contact the ceramic industry after graduating in 2007, exactly 10 years before and after. I chose this industry mainly because my parents engaged in the related construction industry for a long time.

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Reporter: Is Sublimation Ceramic Brand the first ceramic brand you came into contact with? There are so many brands in ceramic industry, what is the reason why you finally made up your mind to choose sublimation ceramic brand?

Mr. Wang: When it comes to sublimation ceramics, I have to say that my first brand in the ceramic industry was sublimation ceramics. When I was confused after graduation, my uncle, Wang Shuizhuan, the general agent of Dalian sublimation ceramics, took me to Dalian, the Pearl of the North, and started to contact this industry. Through this opportunity, I gradually learned about sublimation enterprises. For example, the service concept of "living in sublimation" of sublimation enterprises is gradually sublimated and perfected every day. Isn't this the creative attitude that our newly-started young people need?

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Reporter: What was the biggest difficulty you encountered when you first started the sublimation ceramic brand? How did you overcome it? In the meantime, who do you want to be grateful for most?

Mr. Wang: Brand supporting service! The market innovation is very fast, and it was only necessary for good shopping guides and sales assistants to guide customers to be optimistic about products on the spot. With the rapid development of the industry, a single rigid shopping guide can no longer satisfy the customer's consumption experience. After several times of sincere information feedback from old customers, we adjusted our sales strategy, and transformed the former "imaginary" for customers into "private ordering" according to each customer's apartment type. During this period, I am very grateful to Sublimation Design Department for its patient assistance.

Reporter: In your cooperation with customers, is there anything that impresses you? Why? What do you think is the reason why customers choose you?

Mr. Wang: Last summer, an old woman sat on the stone steps at the door with a little boy about 3 years old in her arms. I think it's a little hot, so old people and children are at risk of heatstroke, so I poured a glass of water and gave it to her. At first, my grandmother was embarrassed, and just then my son came out with toys to greet children to come in and play together. When the children stopped making trouble, Grandma relaxed a little and said, "My son and daughter-in-law chose bricks on the opposite side, and the children were reluctant to stay inside and had to hold them out on a hot day. You really enjoyed this fate in your home." When the couple came out later, I said hello. Grandma also told her son about the situation. The dramatic thing is that without knowing the quality and price of the products, the father said directly, "Let's order yours", and then the deal was made. Through this little interesting story, we also feel that what customers want is a feeling of peace of mind in my home just like in his home.


Reporter: In fact, it is not easy to achieve such sales results in today's highly competitive market. Please share with us some successful experiences and gains in operating this brand?

Mr. Wang: Just like the above-mentioned small interesting things in sales, I personally understand that we should also "sublimate" in sales and often find some insufficient small details from customers. For example, in view of the above-mentioned incident, we will focus on adding a small area as a place for children to rest and play in the later decoration.

Reporter: In order to improve the performance and sales volume to a greater extent, what strategies do you take to lay out the local market, promote the brand better and expand the market share?

Mr. Wang: According to the current general trend, the market tends to sell real estate in hardcover, and deliver the whole package by decoration company. There will be fewer and fewer customers selecting materials independently, so we should keep pace with the times, work together with manufacturers to win cooperation from more than several mainstream real estate developers and decoration companies, and expand market share.

Reporter: As a service-oriented product, what do you do in terms of the ceramic tile product itself and its extension service?

Mr. Wang: At present, the market tends to "one-stop" service, and our team is working hard to improve the service of the last stop. Including designing, drawing, transporting finished products to home and handing over to bricklayer's site to guide paving, and providing all kinds of supporting services such as beautiful sewing after paving.


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