Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Shenghua Chairman of Liupanshui Flagship Store in Guizhou

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Interview | Ding Xiuchun, Chairman of Shenghua Ceramics Liupanshui Flagship Store in Guizhou


Ding Xiuchun in Liupanshui, Guizhou

Guizhou Liupanshui shenghua ceramic dealer

"Honesty-oriented, benefit sharing, helping the world and sublimating life are our consistent business philosophy"

"Let consumers buy comfortably, rest assured, and have fun!"

I was deeply impressed by these two sentences of Ding Zong in Liupanshui, Guizhou Province. I'm Ding Ge in the society, and people don't talk much. He always does more than he says in his daily life and silently drives people around him with his words and deeds. Both shop assistants and customers will be moved by his seriousness unconsciously, and I have become one of them today.

Guizhou Liupanshui Shenghua Ceramic Store

Good knowledge of opportunities, inspiration and struggle

Speaking of Ding Zong's ceramic road, it is a history of inspiration and struggle in capital. He has entered the ceramic industry for 17 years. Before entering this industry, he worked as a waiter, a street vendor and a builder, doing whatever he could make money. Later, he came to this developing city and entered this industry after being introduced by a friend.

"Sublimation ceramics is the first ceramic brand I came into contact with. There are many ceramic tile brands. I made up my mind to choose sublimation because a friend was doing it. Through his introduction, the texture, service and value of Sublimation brand attracted me. I feel that it is the product I need in my current city."

There are also many difficulties in this process. The biggest difficulty encountered is that they can't squeeze into the local market. They only know some big brands that are familiar to everyone. These brands have been in the local market for a long time, and people only know them, so they are a little passive. Mr. Ding and the team will tell others the advantages of our brand by going out to introduce them and sending advertisements, first of all, let others have an impression and slowly open up the brand's popularity.

In the cooperation with customers, Ding always talked about an impressive guest. "It was an aunt. When she came to buy bricks, she was very hesitant at first. She didn't decide to buy our family. I regarded her as my own relatives, introduced her wholeheartedly and served sincerely. In the end, she chose our brand, which made me feel that the most important thing to do business is integrity and quality service attitude, followed by interests."

Siege the city and pull out the village to follow the new trend of the times

The success of a career cannot be separated from an excellent team. "The growth of the team, leadership is very important, the system is more important, there is no pressure, no sense of responsibility, no big platform, no big bottom is enough, and everyone will work together in the morning to announce that this is a new day. At the beginning, play youth songs at the same time, and then arrange a day's work with everyone, clear work attitude and clear division of labor." In this way, the store began a day of intense and orderly work.

At the same time, modesty and never being satisfied seem to be the common characteristics of all successful people. "The successful experience and harvest are still far from being discussed. Our current performance is not ideal and our experience is not rich enough, but I firmly believe that the enthusiastic service attitude, honest management and passionate employees will make us grow bigger and bigger, and let more people know and agree with sublimation."

In order to improve the performance and sales volume to a greater extent, Ding always has his own plan. As far as the local area is concerned, going out to do sales promotion, putting out advertisements, and running around the community are all essential working principles, so that more consumers can know that we sublimate the ceramic brand, and the market will be opened when more people know it.


Responders to opportunities, successful doers

With regard to the future situation of ceramic industry, Mr. Ding said that in the current development situation, fewer and fewer people buy bricks independently, and people are getting used to staying in bags. Fine decoration has become a trend. In the future, we will strengthen cooperation with real estate and decoration companies, and at the same time seek the benign development of our team and develop in a one-stop direction.

All along, we insist on the service concept of "living in sublimation" and the management policy of sincerity-oriented, benefit-sharing, benefiting the whole world and sublimating life, instead of selling bricks as the ultimate goal, we operate in good faith, so that consumers can buy comfortably, shop safely and use happily. To end our interview today, the important words should be said three times: sell ceramic tiles, operate in good faith, and let consumers buy comfortably, shop safely and use happily!


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