Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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An interview with Li Chun, general manager of Shenghua Ceramics Tianjin Branch: Firmly believe in c.

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  China is the hometown of ceramics and has formed a unique ceramic culture in its long history. Since the reform and opening up, in the decades when the income level of Chinese residents has been continuously improved and the housing environment has been continuously improved, ceramic tiles can achieve beautiful decorative effects due to their exquisite appearance and diverse patterns. At the same time, they have good corrosion resistance, good stain resistance and easy cleaning. , Solid material, fire-proof and moisture-proof, and radiation controllable features have been welcomed by domestic consumers. In recent years, driven by the acceleration of urbanization and the high-end development of decoration demand, my country's ceramic tile output has continued to increase on a relatively high base.

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  The 20th anniversary of the establishment of Shenghua Ceramics, in the process of continuous development and growth, it is constantly exploring new models to achieve high growth of the company. Today, we have a conversation with Li Chun, general manager of Shenghua Ceramics Tianjin Branch, and learn about the new development model of Tianjin Branch.

Q: How many years have you entered the ceramic industry?

Manager Li: It has been 10 years.

Q: Why did you choose to enter this industry?

Mr. Li: The industry has a good prospect, because our country is developing at full speed and is promoting urbanization. There is a great demand for ceramics and other products, so the development prospects are very good.

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Q: Is Shenghua Ceramics the first ceramics brand you come into contact with?

Mr. Li: No, I also inspected several brands.

Q: With so many brands in the ceramic industry, what finally made you determined to choose the sublimation ceramic brand?

Mr. Li: First of all, the manufacturer has the strength. Shenghua Ceramics has more than 2,000 employees and 12 modern ceramic production lines. The annual output of ceramic tiles is more than 60 million square meters. The products are beautiful in color and variety. They are large plates, anion tiles, and whole bodies. Marble tiles, modern antique tiles, marble tiles, polished tiles, porcelain slices, full polished glaze, etc. have everything to meet the needs of the market. Secondly, this development model of the Tianjin branch is very good. It was because of this that we made up our minds to develop together with Shenghua. Facts have proved that the choice at that time was correct. Now Shenghua Tianjin Branch is getting bigger and bigger.

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Q: During the operation of Shenghua Ceramics, did you encounter various difficulties? Who do you want to thank most?

Manager Li: Nothing is smooth sailing. The Tianjin branch has developed so well that it is inseparable from everyone's support. First, I would like to thank all the agents under the Tianjin branch, who are very cooperative in their usual activities. For example, in this training, everyone was very active and became a student for the better development of the Tianjin market. Secondly, I would like to thank the brand. The terminal's great support, including training newcomers, team building, and promotional activities, has given great help.

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Q: In the first half of this year, how was the overall sales of the Tianjin branch?

Mr. Li: The overall sales volume has increased, but there are still shortcomings, we must continue to work hard.

Q: President Li is humble. It is not easy to achieve such sales results in today's fiercely competitive market. Can you talk about some of your successful experience and gains in operating Shenghua Ceramics Tianjin Branch?

Mr. Li: The successful experience is: keep learning, keep charging, and improve yourself. The ceramic industry is an industry that is eliminated and updated very quickly. If you don’t pay attention, it will be eliminated. We are deeply involved in the Tianjin market and radiate distributors in North China. We fully support and assist them to build a complete team, improve product knowledge and professional skills, and help. Distributors are tackling the home improvement retail channels. Only when the overall distributor performance is well done can we have better performance. It is our mission to help every distributor improve service and expand market share.

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Q: For the ceramic industry, what do you think is the difference between our sublimation ceramics brand and its peers?

Manager Li: From a team perspective, Tianjin’s team is very strong. There are trainings regularly organized by brands to comprehensively improve the quality of the team, including communication service training for business shopping guides, design skills training for designers, and product training for the entire team. All make our entire Tianjin team maintain extremely strong combat effectiveness. As far as the product itself is concerned, I also mentioned that the sublimation has a complete range of beautiful designs and is well received by the market. Moreover, manufacturers have always followed the market trend and launched new products that adapt to the market in a timely manner, which has virtually enhanced the market competitiveness of the terminal. All of the above benefited from the strong product production and management capabilities of the manufacturer, which gave us a strong backing for the terminal.

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Q: President Li, the interview is almost over. Do you have anything to say to our Tianjin partner?

Mr. Li: Shenghua Ceramics is my choice. I believe in my own choice. During the period, we have gone through some difficulties together, but I believe that as long as we work together, Shenghua Ceramics will become better and better in the Tianjin market.

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20 years, we are young

Shenghua Ceramics has gone through a full 20 years, 20 years of continuous exploration, continuous experimentation, continuous innovation, and today's Shenghua Ceramics. In the past 20 years, Shenghua Ceramics worked hard to improve its products, actively explored customers, and accumulated a certain number of terminals. In the next 20 years, Shenghua Ceramics will help the terminal transformation and build a terminal team as its mission. The manufacturers will work together to create the next brilliant 20 years!

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