Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Interview with Pan Fachun, Chairman of Jiuquan Shenghua Ceramic Flagship Store

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"Thousands of people are of the same heart, and then there is a thousand people's power; 10,000 people are different, and no one can use it" This is a kind of team power. The development of any enterprise is inseparable from the efforts of its employees, as well as the support of customers. The same is true for ceramic companies. Success does not happen overnight, but depends on whether there are a group of loyal followers and supporters. Shenghua Ceramics has today and tomorrow's glory because of a group of loyal followers and supporters. But now there is such a company that has gone through more than ten years of vicissitudes, but it has been advancing by leaps and bounds. It has a large number of loyal dealers who have grown and expanded with it. There are countless customers who have been with us for 5, 10 or even more than a decade, it is Shenghua Ceramics! What is the reason for the dealers to stick to it? What kind of charm enables dealers to "entrust for life" without hesitation and go all out for it?

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Pan Fachun, Chairman of Jiuquan Shenghua Ceramics Flagship Store

In order to unravel the mystery, a reporter from was fortunate to invite Pan Fachun, the chairman of Shenghua Ceramics flagship store in Jiuquan, Gansu, to conduct an in-depth interview with him. The following is the full content of the interview:


As far as I know, Mr. Pan has been acting as an agent for the sublimation brand since 2003. It has been 15 years now. What kind of opportunity led you to choose sublimation ceramics among many ceramic brands?

President Pan:

I entered the ceramic industry in 1997 and it has been nearly 20 years. At the beginning, I chose a low-end brand for ceramics, but after operating for a period of time, until 2003, I found that I could not make a lot of money from operating low-end products, and I was very tired, so in 2003 I decided to find one Reliable mid-to-high-end brands continue to operate for a long time. During the selection period, I looked for more than a dozen brands, and the last one was Shenghua Ceramics. When I arrived at the Shenghua Ceramics Exhibition Hall, Zhang Mijing, the then leader of Shenghua (currently the general manager of Shenghua Enterprise), received me. After Mr. Zhang’s introduction and my close contact with the products, I found that the products of Shenghua Ceramics The color and size are excellent, and the technical standards in all aspects satisfy the customers. At the same time, in contact with Mr. Zhang, I found that Mr. Zhang is sincere and a very reliable person. I am very happy and confident to cooperate with him, so I finally chose Shenghua Ceramics.


After years of accumulation and precipitation, Mr. Pan has already become an excellent distributor of Shenghua Ceramics. Can you talk to us about what capabilities do you think you need to be an excellent distributor?

President Pan:

I think that a good dealer needs to have the following four capabilities. First, mentality. A good attitude is the basis for doing everything. Second, believe. Now that you choose, you must believe in your choice, the strength of the company, and the quality of the product. Only by trusting can we be more confident in our operations. Third, positioning. Product positioning determines the direction to adhere to. Only with accurate positioning can you go higher, farther and better. Fourth, persist. Only if you insist on being a brand can you reduce the wasted pre-advertising investment caused by the brand change and save your advertising investment. At the same time, it reduces the inventory pressure caused by brand switching.

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Mr. Pan has been in the ceramic industry for many years. With many years of experience accumulation, he must have a unique insight into the ceramic industry. Can you share with us your views on the ceramic industry? (Such as future trends, product trends, etc.)

President Pan:

Today the market and consumers are most concerned about health and the Internet. If the company can produce healthy, non-radiation, green products that are close to consumer demand, the company will go further. In addition, the Internet is convenient and fast. If companies can make good use of this resource, the market will be huge.


It is understood that you are an excellent distributor of Shenghua Ceramics, and now you have handed over the business to Tao Erdai (that is, your son) to take care of it. Can Mr. Pan share with us your successful experience and future plans?

President Pan:

I think the business model is very important. A good business model, a serious and responsible business model is very important. As long as you work hard to meet customer needs and always think about problems from the perspective of the manufacturer's win-win situation, you will have more and more old customers and your business will grow bigger and bigger. Although I have retired to the second line, my son will inherit my business in the future and continue to make the brand of Shenghua Ceramics bigger and stronger. If my son does it well, I will let my grandson pass it on in the future.

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As we all know, there are not many distributors in the ceramics industry who can insist on being the same brand for more than ten years. May I ask Mr. Pan, why have you insisted on being an agent of Shenghua Ceramics for so many years?

President Pan:

First, first of all, the product quality of Shenghua Ceramics is relatively stable, the service is good, and the work efficiency is high.

Second, the corporate culture of Shenghua Ceramics contains a lot of human factors, and cooperation is more pleasant and smooth.

Third, I think that the determination of the quality of a company comes from the stability of its leadership. For example, the well-known stock god Warren Buffett, who once served as the CEO of a company for 42 years, and under his management, the stock of this company has risen to $210,000 per share. If you have money, you can buy it. Less than. The same is true for our Shenghua Ceramics. Since I entered Shenghua Ceramics, I have been led by Zhang Mijing, General Manager Zhang Fei and other relevant leaders. They have not changed for many years. This shows that the benefits of this company are increasing and the corporate culture is positive. The energy is assured for our dealers, and there is no worries.

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