Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Actively develop and go against the trend-An interview with Hu Junhua, a distributor of Shenghua Ce.

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  Speaking of the post-70s, the first thing we thought of was calm and capable. With the passage of time, the development of society has become the mainstream of the society after the 80s and 90s, and the 70s have long become the mainstay of the society. They radiate the energy of wisdom in different industries and stabilize their existing positions.

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Shenghua Ceramics Lin'an General Agent Hu Junhua

[Character introduction]

  Hu Junhua, born in the 1970s, has been engaged in the freight industry for many years and has extensive network resources. In 2014, it became the general agent of Shenghua Ceramics Lin'an Specialty Store. During the three years of operating Shenghua Ceramics, Shenghua Ceramics has become a first-class brand in the Lin'an building materials market, providing Lin'an customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy products. Actively participate in the Integrity Alliance activities held by Lin'an Mall, continue to broaden Lin'an sales channels, and set the sales record of Shenghua Ceramics in Lin'an Building Materials Market for many times.

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Shenghua Ceramics Lin'an Store

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Shenghua Ceramics Lin'an Building Materials Expo

Editor: What kind of opportunity made you choose Shenghua Ceramics?

President Hu: I think everything needs fate, and the same is true for business. I was in the transportation industry before, and because a friend was in the ceramics business, the idea of running a ceramics shop came up. In 2014, I happened to have a storefront in my hand, so I started to understand the ceramic tile brand. To be honest, I didn’t choose this brand initially. By chance, I just met the sales manager of Shenghua Lin’an area. After learning about it, I think Shenghua Ceramics is not bad. , So he signed the brand.

Editor: What do you think are the advantages of Shenghua Ceramics?

Mr. Hu: I think the biggest advantage of Shenghua Ceramics is its low price and high quality. As an 18-year old brand, Shenghua Ceramics has a complete range of product designs and categories, and quality is guaranteed. The most important thing is that the price is not expensive. For our small and medium-sized cities, high-quality and low-cost products are easily accepted by local consumers. There is a lot of room for development.

Editor: In your opinion, what is the environment of Lin'an building materials market? What impact will it have on product sales?

Mr. Hu: Although the overall environment of the building materials industry is not prosperous, the Lin'an building materials market is not bad. In the past few years, Lin'an Mall has launched the integrity alliance activities, which are composed of several major merchants of flooring, bathroom and ceramics. The alliance activities are held three times a year, which has played a positive role in promoting the sales of ceramic tiles.

Editor: I heard that you actively promote your brand and promote the development of terminal activities, and have achieved good results. Can you share your successful experience with us?

Mr. Hu: I think everything must be done to have a chance of success. When I first started acting as an agent for Shenghua Ceramics, no one in the Lin'an market had heard of this brand. Later, I cooperated with Lin'an local TV station to broadcast advertisements during important periods, and Shenghua Ceramics began to be known to Lin'an consumers. Now I engage in about 3 large-scale alliance activities every year, and the brand of the alliance has grown from the initial 3 to 15. There are also some important node promotion activities initiated by the headquarters of Shenghua, and we all actively respond. Nowadays, many dealers complain that the market is not good and they are unwilling to invest in activities. I think one thing is that only when you do it, you can know the effect. If you don't do it, you may miss many opportunities.

Editor: What is the future development direction of Lin'an Shenghua Ceramics?

Mr. Hu: In the face of market uncertainty and fierce market competition, we have different interactions at different times. Whether it is interaction with the owner or interaction with new and old customers, we do our best to do our best. We will continue to promote alliance activities and TV commercials. In fact, we are doing our best to provide all owners and customers with corresponding discounts during the event. In the future, I want to open up some distribution channels around Lin'an, which will not only provide better quality products for residents in the surrounding areas, but also expand my own sales channels. I am still confident that Shenghua Ceramics will become bigger and stronger in this region.

  In recent years, distributors in various channels have been shouting: The market is not optimistic. But no one tried to break the framework of the traditional ceramic tile marketing model. The quality of a brand's management not only depends on the original foundation of the brand, but more importantly, the mutual connection between corporate cultures in the communication process, and the integration of new sales ideas.

  2016 is coming to an end. In the upcoming 2017, I hope Mr. Hu will continue to cross the boundaries of the traditional sales model, carry on with the past and create new achievements!

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