Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Interview with Hong Jitao, a distributor of Shenghua Ceramics in Qingdao: Only by doing things down.

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The survival of wolves is to create a strong living space in a harsh environment; a wolf group is to organize a strong team power among rivals full of fighting; the wisdom of a wolf is to constantly compete and surpass among the strong.

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In today's fiercely competitive ceramics industry, facing pressures from increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, rising costs, overstocking, and rapid changes in consumer demand, if ceramic companies want to establish a century-old brand, it is difficult for one person to stand alone in the ceramic market. The company’s dreams can only be achieved by relying on the cooperation and hard work of the manufacturers.

Shenghua Ceramics has an 18-year history of development in the ceramic industry, and has witnessed the growth and development of the ceramic industry. In today's unprecedented bad situation, it still maintains a steady growth. This is not only due to the solid strength of Shenghua Ceramics and the face The ability to adapt to changes in the environment, and the ability to innovate products, but also has a bunch of excellent distributors who work with it to create a win-win situation. There are many dealers who have cooperated with Shenghua for 5 years or more than ten years. They have witnessed the development and growth of Shenghua and have a deep feeling for Shenghua.

What has supported them to follow Shenghua for so many years, and what attraction does Shenghua Ceramics have to keep them inseparable? At the same time, they dominate the terminal. What are the secrets of success? Today we will walk into Shenghua Ceramics and interview Hong Jitao (hereinafter referred to as "General Hong"), a distributor in Qingdao, Shandong, to take a look at the Shenghua Ceramics in his eyes...

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Qingdao Store

Reporter: When you first entered the ceramics industry, there were actually many brands. Why did you choose Shenghua Ceramics in the end? What is it that attracts you?

Mr. Hong: Shenghua Ceramics was founded in 1998. It has 18 years of development history. It is already a very historic and time-honored brand in Guangdong, and I learned from many colleagues before entering the ceramic industry that Shenghua Ceramics is An enterprise with a very good reputation in the industry, with rich products and complete supporting facilities, can give us more and better development space, so I chose Shenghua Ceramics.

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Qingdao Store

Reporter: As far as I know, you are doing very well in the terminal. Can you talk to us about your development process this year?

Mr. Hong: At the terminal, I have always been adhering to a low-key life and a pragmatic attitude to manage. Follow the direction and guidance of the company and do everything with heart. For example, in terms of channels, we began to dig into the home improvement designer channel. With the continuous improvement of our products, I think the home improvement channel is a direction for future development. At the same time, with the support of the manufacturers, we also held Miss World and brand linkage activities, hoping to increase the local popularity and sales of our brand.

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Qingdao Store

Reporter: It is understood that Mr. Hong is also very good in team building and sales. Can you share your successful experience with us?

Mr. Hong: In terms of the team, we advocate that employees should take the initiative to go out, not only to find customers, but also to learn. For example, you can go to other excellent stores to learn other people's service attitudes and communication skills, and then use them flexibly in combination with our own products. In terms of sales, we will let customers first understand and know about Shenghua, and let them see Shenghua's storefronts, production workshops and cultural heritage through the Internet to strengthen their confidence. As for products, we will also conduct on-site performance tests to make customers more assured. In terms of after-sales service, we will also provide free shipping, replenishment, return, and shop guidance, and use services to enhance the bond with customers.

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Qingdao Store

Reporter: Please summarize the reasons for your success in one sentence

Mr. Hong: Actually, I still have a lot to improve, but I think that if I want to be an excellent dealer, I still need to say that, be honest and do things in a pragmatic manner.

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Activity site

Reporter: Please sum up the sublimation ceramics in your eyes in one sentence

Mr. Hong: Shenghua Ceramics is different from other companies that have made a lot of advertising investment. They focus on production and R&D, focus on product quality improvement, and down-to-earth, let consumers "housing for their homes" and "life in sublimation".

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