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Direct Purchase of Sublimated Ceramics X Factory | The special WeChat snap-up activity in Shandong ended successfully!

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In view of the current situation of consumers' home epidemic prevention, Shenghua Ceramics Headquarters established a new media matrix, empowered the front line, and actively drained the new media through various online platforms to boost the morale of the terminal. On April 26, Sublimation Ceramics Shandong area was linked online and offline, and the factory boss specially approved the preferential price of explosion, which once again brought heavy preferential benefits to the vast number of consumer owners in Shandong, and the manufacturers joined forces to act quickly!


On the evening of April 26th, Shenghua Ceramics launched the special online preferential activity "Factory Direct Purchase" in Shandong Province. Zheng Yuemei, the super popular anchor, and Wen Zhen, the special tutor of Shenghua Ceramics Business School, led all the owners and friends in Shandong to visit the exhibition hall of Shenghua Ceramics Headquarters online. At the same time, Chai Guanqing, the regional director of Shandong, made a big bid on the spot. I believe all the owners and friends in Shandong definitely affirmed the strength of our Shenghua Ceramics, and the intensity of this activity is unprecedented.

Through professional and meticulous real-time explanation, Mr. Wen led the owners and friends in Shandong to know the brand strength of Sublimation Ceramics and show the special explosions in this live broadcast room, so that the house can resist the epidemic and grab the bricks with confidence, so that consumers can experience a long-lost "gathering" and joy.


In the early stage of the event, the terminal store opened a morning meeting every day, issued daily task instructions and reported the record, and all members entered the first-class combat state. Unified action, unified slogan, unified goal, and achieved a breakthrough in performance.


In the later stage of the event, guide the owners and friends to the WeChat VIP owners to make decisions, lock in the privileges of the live broadcast room, transfer orders from offline stores, and provide all-round services to end consumers from online to offline, so that more owners and friends can really feel the strength and sincerity of sublimating the brand!

Factory Direct Purchase-Shandong Special Session


The online and offline linkage promotion activity of "Factory Direct Purchase, Secure Bricks" in Shandong District of Shenghua Ceramics. Through wechat direct purchase, consumers can enjoy more preferential and high-quality services without leaving home. With the enthusiastic response from consumers, the good news spread frequently and exploded the audience.

Event highlights

Live online, multiple offers

Households rob the factory price, and there is no delay in decoration. This special event in Shandong is directly operated by Shenghua Ceramics Headquarters, and the explosion in the live broadcast room is constant. Multiple discounts and benefits are shocked and launched, and online snapping and quality escort.


The boss puts the price and upgrades the discount

On the day of the event, Chai Guanqing and Chai Zong, the regional directors of Sublimation Ceramics in Shandong, came to the live broadcast room and made a solemn commitment to the owners and friends in Shandong to buy our Sublimation Ceramics products, which was not only comfortable but also reassuring.


Chai always gives the owners and friends in Shandong a big price and explodes the products, and the price is as low as you can hardly imagine. Anyone who pays 100 yuan immediately locks all preferential privileges in the live broadcast room can also get a beautiful juicer with a value of 399 yuan, and can enjoy a deposit appreciation discount. This wave of preferential benefits is simply too strong!

Because of love, so professional; Because of professional, trustworthy! Sublimation ceramics build a better life with a heart of service, always online, sincere service, as long as you need, we are always there!

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