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[appreciation of benchmark image shop] drop ~ punch in new coordinates, sublimate ceramics Dongtai specialty store, new store and new future!

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There are thousands of waves in the Yellow Sea in the east and vast expanses in the west. Dongtai, located in the central coastal area of Jiangsu Province, is located in the most dynamic Yangtze River Delta region in China. Construction of Yantong high-speed railway has been started in an all-round way, and Dongtai will be only "a cup of coffee away" from Shanghai. Dongtai is known as "Golden Dongtai, Pearl of the Yellow Sea" and is a beautiful modern coastal city.


You must have many dreams about its appearance. Every city has its own unique customs. Dongtai has beautiful natural customs, and the high value of "ecological green+ocean blue" makes people fall in love. It is a holiday paradise for urbanites to unload their prosperity and wash their hearts and raise their beauty.


Next, please follow the footsteps of Xiaobian and experience the new experience of the new terminal.

Damei Dongtai.

The brand-new brand image terminal store of Sublimation Ceramics appeared in Dongtai, a coastal city, with new store and new future, and a brand-new modern and simple exhibition hall style, which added new fashion and unique experience of new life to the city!


—exhibition hall information—

Name: Shenghua Ceramics Jiangsu Dongtai Specialty Store

Address: Shenghua Ceramics, Easyhome, No.355 Fangong South Road, Dongtai City, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province


Floor Plan of Jiangsu Dongtai Specialty Store of Shenghua Ceramics

Sublimation Ceramics Dongtai Store is very particular about the layout and decoration in the store. The store design, product display and soft-fitting scheme are strictly implemented in accordance with the exhibition hall design scheme of the headquarters, highlighting the brand concept of new fashion and living in sublimation. You can feel rich ceramic tile culture and exquisite craftsmanship in the exhibition hall, and give customers the most comfortable home experience.


Shenghua ceramic-Dongtai specialty store

Sublimation ceramics Dongtai specialty store, every corner is permeated with the breath of modern life. The open and bright exhibition hall has a product element display area, which allows you to feel the texture change and texture of each tile product with the most intuitive vision.


Dongtai Store of Sublimation Ceramics abandons the complex modeling structure in the scene design of space. Every space is a true restoration of real life, every collocation is an expression of modern aesthetics, and every product is an interpretation of Sublimation brand concept.

Shenghua-Dongtai branch


Material selection area

The material selection area caters to consumers' buying habits, and has a reasonable layout design. The products are well planned and tidy, and are equipped with a comfortable meeting area. In the process of selecting products, you can sit down and discuss slowly at any time, so that customers are naturally infected and integrate into this situation.


Simulated model room

The creation of the whole experience area conveys more sensory enjoyment. Each simulation room is the quintessence space based on the modern fashion design concept of sublimation ceramics, which is not only a simple patchwork of products, but also an inspiration for innovative design of home space.


Let life slow down and enjoy the taste of time quietly

Personality, exquisiteness and taste


Turn life into art, pass on high-quality living, sublimate ceramics and strive to design a better life for consumers.


Little happiness in ordinary life is the gathering of warm heart details, such as a gentle lamp and a comfortable chair.


Abandon trivial and complicated embellishments

Take the pale and elegant plain white as the background

Exquisite and simple, do not add redundancy

Bring a touch of natural atmosphere and undisturbed quietness to the space

Sublimated ceramics-Dongtai specialty store integrates quality life into every design detail, breaks the convention in style display, and redefines the property of home space. Let the senses immerse themselves in casual leisure, and everything becomes peaceful and beautiful.


All good things in the world are worth waiting for. Wait for a flower to bloom, wait for the fruit to be red, wait for a cup of coffee to be cooked, wait for the wind to come and wait for the clouds to bloom ~

We are waiting for you at the Sublimation Ceramics-Dongtai Specialty Store!


—— This shop is designed by designer Wang Xiaoyan—

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