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Appreciation of sublimation ceramic benchmark image shop: Jiangsu Jintan New Store and Festival Walk New Store appear with brand-new image!

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Jintan District belongs to Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, which is located in the south of Jiangsu Province and connected to Wujin District of Changzhou City in the east; Maoshan in the west, bordering jurong city; It borders Taohu Lake in the south and faces Liyang and Yixing by water. Adjacent to Danyang City and Dantu District of Zhenjiang in the north, it is one of the members of Nanjing metropolitan area.


Jintan has mountains, not high, and the potential is flat and the slope is slow;

Jintan has water, which is not excited, and it is gentle and gentle;

"Seeing the mountain's eyes brighten, and the water's gas brightens".


Bai Li Yan Yu humanity heyday

Keeping the character of wuyue and enjoying the flavor of Jianghuai, Jintan has a unique culture ... The products and details of sublimating ceramics Jintan store are like a narrative poem of a better life, which makes people feel slow and slow.

—exhibition hall information—

Name: Shenghua Ceramics Jiangsu Jintan Specialty Store

Address: Yaxi Road, Zhixi Town, Jintan District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province


Sublimation Ceramics Jintan Store is a home life experience hall that satisfies your texture, attitude and style.


Its fashion, personality, avant-garde,

Texture of ceramic tile design,

And the powerful space supporting display of the gas field,

Let people passing by be happy,

I can't help but want to go in and find out.


Planning and development of Jintan new store for sublimation ceramics

The design is the responsibility of the design team at headquarters.

You can see it everywhere in the store

Fashion, personality and avant-garde design elements.

Well-arranged space,

There are soft outfits that are familiar to old friends in their memories.


On that basi of quality display,

Shenghua Ceramics Jintan Store not only pays attention to

The application expression of ceramic tile and space,

Incorporate fashion elements,

Showing a modern and elegant life aesthetic attitude.



Comprehensive display of diversified and personalized products,

Highlight that beautiful texture of the product,

The whole visual effect is clean and neat,

The vision is broad and generous, presenting a high-quality and comfortable material selection experience.




Without exaggerated appearance and decoration,

Simple and smooth shapes and textures are displayed everywhere.

Continuing the core design concept of modernity, simplicity and atmosphere,

Even if it is a model room, it is necessary to have a simple life.



Jintan Store of Sublimated Ceramics has officially opened now, and every carefully carved tile has its own magnetic field. Every texture, every collage, tells the story of self in silent language. Welcome to the store for tasting! !

Wellcome  to  visit

—— This shop is designed by designer Wang Xiaoyan—



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