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Sublimate ceramics | Exquisite life, starting from a beautiful background wall!

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Since we don't watch TV, why do we need the TV background wall? Friends said that they didn't want to install TV when decorating, but in fact, everyone still has an inseparable feeling for TV, and always feels that there is a home with a TV on, which has a strong fireworks atmosphere. Today, I have prepared a beautiful photo of the background wall of ceramic continuous pattern board for everyone, which is simple and effective. Come and see which one you like.

This is what the background wall should be like


To simplify, less is more, and to learn to choose, you will have more.


There is a beauty that comes from nature. It refers to the ceramic tile background wall with marble texture, which has natural luster, is durable, not easy to be damaged, and is green and environmentally friendly. Generally used for home improvement, luxury hotel decoration, etc. However, the background wall paved with 750x1500 large boards has a strong screen and a good effect.

There are so many marble textures, but the white system is enduring. Simple and aura texture brings simple and beautiful space effect, which is pure and amazing.


750x1500 large board with simple stone texture with different patches and strong layering makes the living room look bigger. And there is also a good moral, the so-called "back has a backer, the foundation is always solid"!


Scenery is everywhere in life, and the floating texture is like sketching the lines of simple paintings. Each angle is different, and large-scale paving, such as the capacity of all rivers run into sea, is so magnificent.

A kind of natural aesthetics that has not been blended, which originates from the natural brown, is warm and simple, and is matched with modern sofas, revealing a sense of fashion in luxury!


The earth brown caters to the current popular modern style, and the unique traces of the years and waters are more charming under the soft clothes ~

Most of the connected background walls use oversized ceramic plates, which have few splicing gaps, and the patterns are connected end to end and extend indefinitely, which can realize the integrity of the whole effect and create shocking visual impact and natural beauty. Used in large space, high-end atmosphere; When used in a relatively small space, as long as the color pattern and style are coordinated, the space will become larger.


Like white marble, black marble lines seem to never go out of fashion. Noble and simple black big board background wall is perfectly integrated with the current popular luxury style.

Don't just know about hanging pictures, there are so many design techniques in the background wall! If you don't understand, you will be out. Come and sublimate and take your exclusive background wall home

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