Sublimation News

Sublimation News

Record our transformation with time

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Sublimated ceramics | Beautiful oriental beauty, let you fall in love with a high-class home in one second!

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Whether it's a rapidly changing sky,

The endless rivers,

The endless mountains ...

There are always some magnificent scenery,

You can't help but marvel at the wonders of nature.

Looking forward to the charm of nature.


Beautiful and spectacular scenery

Infinitely extending mountains

Bring endless inspiration to designers

To restore the magnificence of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland,

Today, it came

Shenghua ceramic 800x800mm Jinxiu Oriental

Unlimited ligature series


Shenghua ceramic

Scan code to view panoramic 720 space

Return to true peace and comfort

Texture changes are rich and not messy

The color is mainly light gray

Vaguely revealing some elements of warm colors

Compatible with cold and warm, with stone texture, natural and pure

Shenghua ceramic

The surprises brought by nature are always unexpected

Let you be moved

You can always get the surprise you want from home design

Free extension, infinite stitch

Strong gas field and visual shock

It is, the new trend of home decoration trend-infinite continuous pattern products


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