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[Sublimation Vibrato Theater] I heard that the anchor just got the driver's license and the novice was on the road ......

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People used to say that "female drivers" were terrible.

The novice "female driver" is even more terrible.

They can clean bottles of powder, honey, milk and frost.

But often can't figure out the simple accelerator and brake.


Strange "deeds" about female drivers

Always emerge in endlessly:

It is said that they can use the accelerator as a brake.

Or even forget to shift gears,

Or drive the car as a bumper car,

Or "come on" …


Drop! Drop! Drop!

Female drivers on the road, make way


I heard that the anchor of sublimation ceramics got the certificate.

The novice female driver hit the road,

No, come on halfway

Guess where the anchor is going by car.


(The above video content is fictional, just to make you laugh)


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