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Sublimated ceramics | Tiles are so set, you no longer have to envy other people's living rooms ~

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Home needs our heart to match.

Starting with selecting each brick,

Show the pursuit and enjoyment of life from the details.

The living room is an area for recreation and reception

In addition to the bedroom,

We'll stay in a longer place

About every design and every detail of it

It is a symbol of the taste and identity of the occupants


For the representative space in this home,

Wear-resistant, dirty-resistant and decorated tiles are frequent visitors in their decoration

But seemingly simple tiles

You can't lay it at will


Recommended by sublimation ceramic designers

800×800mm marble tiles

The living room tiles are so set

Create a livable life with a sense of ritual

Next, let's take a look together


Fashionable personality

In this era of pursuing individuality,

Fashion is an intuitive way to interpret personal style

When the trend elements are placed in the living room at home,

Small sofa with eye-catching color and floor lamp with unique shape

And all kinds of exquisite and interesting ornaments

It complements the free and easy marble tiles

Under the carved natural lines,

A sense of personality and fashion is coming!



Application products: SV-1T87108+SV-1T87119


Modern qingshe

Matching of high-grade gray and brown system

Enlarge the elegance and elegance

With a metallic texture

The luxury fashion of space is vividly displayed

The light gently reflects the living room space

The sense of power from the natural earth blooms silently

In the simple and elegant soft light gray tile texture, it is both rigid and soft

Make occupants get visual and even all-round aesthetic experience



Application products: SV-1T87119 Glenfort Light Grey

Simple temperament

"Black, white and gray" as a classic match in home

Regardless of the proportion, you can create a simple texture

The light gray lines of wall tiles seem to shuttle between black and white

Hide your edge and grow at will

Match with individual paintings to form a unique living room background wall

Transition with grey marble tiles

The overall visual perception can be described as simple but not simple



Application products: SV-1T87124+SV-2T87120


Atmospheric style

Create a spacious living room space

Bright light-colored tiles are undoubtedly a better choice

When the color matching is designed with high-grade gray as the main body,

Brewing in the spacious living room

Light gray floor tiles with textured gray wave lines

The transparent and bright look and feel will make the home more magnificent

Elegant, tasteful style residence is perfectly presented



Application products: SV-1T126742+SV-2T87114


Simple art

I want to create a living room with simple European temperament and artistic style

Marble tiles is a leader in building materials

Background wall with gray lines on white background

The ground uses simple and elegant dark grey

And cutting to form a solid shape

Match a lot of soft furniture with simple European style

Let the space have more beautiful cultural and artistic atmosphere




Application products:SV 1T126743+SV-1T87111+SV-2T87114+SV-1T87108


Under the fast-paced social background,

People are more yearning for exquisite slow life

Let go of work, slow down and relax

Into nature, into comfort, into comfort

Shenghua ceramic

800×800mm marble tiles

Stone art design awakens poetic years

Create a home space that understands you


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