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Awesome | Sublimated ceramic high-speed rail advertisement+outdoor gold advertisement officially shocked!

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Following the CCTV advertisement of sublimation ceramics,

After Fuxing high-speed rail advertisements appeared one after another,

Sublimation ceramics pursue victory, strategy upgrade again.



Guangzhou South Railway Station


Foshan West Railway Station


Brand-new rock plate image, strong beach rushing,

12306 Information Service Center,

Guangzhou South Railway Station and Foshan West Railway Station,

Brand empowerment is on the verge.

On October 1st, it went online strongly!

Guangzhou South railway station


Foshan West Railway Station


Ran goose

What Xiaobian wants to say today is

Shenghua ceramic outdoor advertisement

Has been officially launched!

I don't know. During the National Day holiday,

Have you noticed the advertisement of sublimation ceramics?


Large network, large platform, large coverage,

Sublimation ceramic outdoor advertising,

Running through county-level township roads,

Brand marketing has been upgraded in an all-round way.

Let more people,

Understand sublimation, be familiar with sublimation, and choose sublimation!


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