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Sublimation News

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Sublimation ceramics | Factory strong IP, strength starts from here!

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On October 17th, sublimation ceramics was held.

"Cross-border new forces and share new [rock] values"

In 2021, the rock slab new product launch conference,

It's a great honor to invite you here.

Visit and tasting of sublimation ceramics headquarters.

We seek common development together and start a new chapter.

You are always welcome to come!


Sublimation ceramics as a ceramic industry

Enterprises with 22-year influential brands

Since its inception, it has always insisted on making every brick with heart


Has been implemented in product research and development

The policy of "innovation and development, ingenuity and quality, facing customers and improving satisfaction"

Introducing Italy's advanced SACMI large press

CM2F366 fully automatic dryer

Has six Italian and domestic wall and floor tile production lines

Production of various specifications of green environmental protection ceramic products


In 2020, it invested more than 100 million yuan in the rock plate production line

Have international leading production technology and equipment+production technology

The first 600μ inkjet printer in China

Mwan-ton large-scale production equipment in Sist, Italy


Why is the factory strength of sublimation ceramics so strong?

Look at the picture first to understand ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Shenghua ceramic

Stable production capacity, sufficient supply and guaranteed supply

Strong factory strength supports the rapid development of the brand

In addition

Environmental protection strictly implements national standards

Have been evaluated

The first batch of demonstration enterprises of green manufacturing index in ceramic industry



Shenghua ceramic

Taking green, intelligent, standardized and information as the leading factor

Make continuous efforts to realize people's textured life

Let everyone who takes it home rest assured,

Peace of mind is always the warm companion of you and your family in the passage of time

1 minute, understand sublimation ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


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