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Shocking | Highlights of Sublimation Ceramics 2021 Rock Plate New Product Launch Conference, show you first!

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Tao Bo meeting in autumn 2020

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The 35 th Autumn Tao Bo Conference has come to us slowly

Sublimate ceramics, a new departure

New rock slab products are launched and new services are upgraded

There is also the renovation and upgrading of the rock plate exhibition hall area

Tao Bo will, we are serious!


Sublimated ceramics rely on its own high-quality products

Intimate service and good reputation,

Put tens of millions of advertising expenses on CCTV and high-speed rail,

Open from "industry brand" to "consumer brand",

To upgrade the series of "high-end consumer brands",

To provide comprehensive service and support to agents,

Give consumers more intimate and comprehensive service!


This year, rock slab ran like a dark horse in the forefront of ceramic industry, and its heat was rising. There were more and more topics about rock slab. Recently, I heard that sublimating ceramics has made great moves. How much do you know?


Good rock slab, sublimated! Sublimation ceramics has been doing things again recently! On October 17th, Sublimation Ceramics will hold the 2021 rock slab new product launch conference with the theme of "Cross-border new forces and sharing new [rock] values" in the exhibition hall of its headquarters! In this new rock slab product launch conference, Sublimation Ceramics upgraded the exhibition hall of headquarters. What sparks will collide with the newly upgraded rock slab exhibition hall? Xiaobian takes you to have a look!


You can choose from many specifications

As a new type of high-tech plate, rock plate is the top product in plate industry, which is used in many fields such as home improvement and tooling. At present, compared with traditional ceramic tile, sublimation rock slab has more diversified specifications. Sublimation Ceramics 2021 Rock Plate New Product Launch Conference will bring a variety of new rock plates with different specifications, so please look forward to it!



Multi-thickness and wide application

Different thickness of rock slabs can be used in different spaces, which can boldly play new ideas and give you unexpected results! For example, the sublimated rock slab with a thickness of 9mm can be used as wall surface, ground and background wall to meet the needs of paving large space for decoration; For the 15mm rock slab, it can also be used as cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, coffee tables, etc. It is really a multi-purpose board and easy to decorate! The new sublimation ceramic rock plate is also innovative in thickness. If you want to know the new changes in the thickness of sublimation new rock plate, remember to pay attention to the new trends of sublimation rock plate.


Multi-color, good effect

Home decoration is too monotonous? Tiles don't want to be like other people's homes? Reject mediocrity, sublimate new products of rock plate and bring new colors! In this new product launch conference, Sublimated Ceramics will bring more new colors of rock plates, such as snowflake white, Armani grey, Lauren black gold, cement grey, Salon, etc., and even large rock plates with unique texture are amazing.



Gorgeous appearance of new exhibition hall of rock slab

On October 17th, the new exhibition hall of sublimated ceramic rock slab will be unveiled, combining aesthetics and practicality perfectly. More rock slab exhibition halls will be pleasantly surprised, so please look forward to it!

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