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Sublimation News

Record our transformation with time

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Countdown to 3 days | Join Sublimation Ceramics to seize business opportunities and wealth together!

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2021 Rock Plate New Product Launch Conference

There are only three days left for the opening ceremony

Are you a little excited?

New products and new exhibition halls

Meet you at Block 30, Tao Bo Avenue

Food and Vibrato Challenge

Unlock new gameplay


Of course, Tao Bo will be in October

In addition to looking at new products and trends,

Is to find a reliable brand

To sublimate, 8 IPs help you grow


22 years of continuous exploration

Constantly trying and innovating

With today's sublimated ceramics

The future

Sublimated ceramics will focus more on production and research and development

Focus on the quality improvement of products

Focus on the improvement of terminal services

Be down-to-earth.

Working with partners

Develop and grow the great cause of sublimation


After 22 years of hard work,

Sublimated ceramics have created today's achievements and status

Facing the ever-changing market,

Sublimation ceramics actively take the pulse industry trend

Only for the development of ceramic tile products that meet the needs of consumers

It is also to create a brand worthy of consumers' trust

This autumn's Tao Bo meeting

The 2021 rock slab new product launch conference will be launched

Amazing proportions and colors



Tao Bo meeting in autumn 2020

New products of sublimation ceramics series will be grandly launched

New products, new exhibition halls, food, vibrato challenge

All kinds of wonderful things absolutely amaze your horizon

To make it easier for you to travel

Xiaobian collected it for you

Weather conditions in Foshan in the coming week

Warm tips

Take rain gear with you when you go out to see the exhibition

On October 17th, rain or shine, we will be there or be square!

Weather forecast for the coming week


Warm reminder:

During the Tao Bo meeting, the temperature changes little, and it is cool in the morning and evening. 

It is best to bring a thin coat and increase or decrease clothes in time.

* Detailed information shall be subject to the actual situation on that day.

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