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Sublimated ceramic rock plate application | Graphene rock plate function heating dining table, enjoy comfortable home life!

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With the appearance of rock slab, there has been a upsurge in the ceramic industry. Major ceramic manufacturers have invested in rock slab production and research, striving to catch the rock slab "fast train". At the 35th Foshan Tao Bo Conference on October 18th, all major ceramic manufacturers brought all kinds of new rock slab products, and functional rock slab undoubtedly became the hot spot of this Tao Bo Conference. Graphene temperature control rock slab, antibacterial rock slab and ecological rock slab attracted many participants' attention.


Sublimated graphene rock plate functional heating dining table

As a large-scale modern ceramic enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, Sublimation Ceramics has introduced Sublimation Rock Plates with various specifications and thicknesses, which can be used in dining tables, coffee tables, hand sinks, kitchen countertops, floor coverings, etc., with wide range of uses and high flexibility. In addition to the conventional rock slab, sublimation ceramics has also introduced a new product on the functional rock slab-graphene rock slab functional heating dining table, which brings new application of intelligent rock slab home and customizes a better life!


When the weather gets cold, people who are used to eating on the table will always get cold by the cold table, and the food will easily get cold, which will affect the taste. What can be done to solve this problem effectively? Sublimated ceramic graphene rock plate function heating dining table, flexibly adjust the temperature, give you a comfortable dining table environment, and enjoy every meal happily ~


Why can graphene rock plate generate heat?

Sublimated graphene intelligent heating ceramic tile is composed of graphene intelligent heating chip and environment-friendly insulation board, which gives full play to the excellent thermal conductivity of graphene and can realize 99% electric heating conversion rate. At the same time, as a product integrating intelligent warming technology, it can realize remote control and touch a key switch to adjust temperature.


The sublimation ceramic graphene rock plate functional heating dining table takes advantage of the heat conduction performance of graphene, and perfectly combines rock plate with graphene to bring new dining table enjoyment.

What can the sublimation graphene rock plate function heating dining table do?

Graphene rock slab is a kind of functional rock slab. Users can adjust the temperature according to individual requirements, and the maximum temperature is 55℃. Graphene rock slab can be applied to floors, desktops, bathroom counters, restaurant stands, desktops, etc. Applied to the dining table, it is a multifunctional heating dining table equipped with intelligent touch keys, so what can it do specifically? Xiaobian takes you to have a look!


Wireless charging of mobile phone

Today, with the rapid development, mobile phones have become a common item in daily life. Wireless charging is not a new topic, but did you know that the dining table can also be charged?


The sublimation ceramic graphene rock plate multifunctional heating dining table has the wireless charging function of mobile phone. When the mobile phone is out of power, the dining table will automatically start the charging function, which is safe and convenient, and brings you a new intelligent charging experience!

Intelligent hot water burning

Do you still use gas, induction cooker, hot water kettle and other conventional appliances to boil water in your home? The functional heating dining table with sublimation ceramic graphene rock plate subverts the traditional way of boiling water. With the thermal conductivity of graphene, intelligent boiling water can be realized. When the intelligent boiling water mode is turned on, cold water can be heated, which is fast, environmentally friendly and safe, without consuming other energy sources, saving more expenses and giving you a high-quality modern and comfortable life.


Constant temperature heating

Heating has no boundary, warmth has no boundary, sublimation ceramic graphene rock plate function Heating table gives table heating function, and cold table can feel infinite warmth and comfort. At the same time, the food can be heated at a constant temperature. When the weather is cold and it is late to go home, the food on the table is still hot. You can enjoy the hot and delicious food when you enter the door. You can get rid of the tiredness of the day with delicious food and make your home warmer!


Shenghua ceramic

The graphene rock plate functional heating dining table,

Borderless heating,

Warm every place.

Make the desktop no longer cold,

Warm heart,

Let you enjoy a comfortable home life!

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