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SV-1T48713 Sari ash

SV-1T48713 Sari ash 400X800mm

SV-1T48713 Sari ash


SV-1T48713 Sari ash


SV-1T48713 Sari ash


SV-1T48713 Sari ash
SV-1T48713 Sari ash
SV-1T48713 Sari ash
SV-1T48713 Sari ash

Model number:SV-1T48713 Sari ash


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Advertising language: simple, fashionable and quality life

Design inspiration:

Ceramic tiles are solidified notes, and various designs give space greater imagination. Like music melody, it also has ups and downs. In the sublimation ceramic stone rhyme series products, the designer has ingeniously added five different elements: future, mystery, science and technology, ease and warmth, just like variations, alternating conversion of five melodies, weaving a unique movement belonging to this category and playing a wonderful melody about ceramic tiles and life. The sublimation ceramic stone rhyme series echoes the modern people's imagination of warm and fashionable home space with a design language full of scientific and technological sense, and makes the space blend with the times.

Technological features:

1. Complete vitrification and higher hardness

Shiyun series products, the green body is vitrified and low in water absorption rate, which is formed by pressing with a large press and then firing, and has good seismic strength. The green body powder is ball-milled into slurry by using a fine ball milling machine, which has higher density and stronger green body.

2. One stone is multifaceted and the texture is diverse

Selected stones, through multi-tube cloth, glaze overlay technology and screen printing technology, the glaze layer is immersed in the texture of the product, and the wear resistance of the glaze surface is increased. It is completely integrated from the outside to the inside, randomly distributed, one stone is multi-faceted, the texture level is varied, the application is more natural, and the decorative effect is natural and realistic.

3, green home, care for health

Master modern technology, standard production process, no radiation, green environmental protection, create a healthy and environmentally friendly home space, and let people enjoy the high-quality life experience brought by technology.

Advantages of products:

1. Lightweight, material saving and convenient construction

Sublimated stone rhyme is lighter, can save materials, and is more convenient to transport. Compared with thin plate, it has higher hardness, and can adapt to the traditional way of paving with cement mortar. In the paving process, it can avoid the disadvantages that thin plate is too soft and must be paved with ceramic tile glue, which makes the construction more convenient.

2, low water absorption rate, long use and long new

Sublimation Stone Rhyme Series is a porcelain brick with low water absorption rate, which is pollution-resistant and easy to clean, easy to clean, and long in space, so that you can stay away from housework and enjoy more relaxing time.

3, neutral tone, simple and fashionable

Mixed shades of neutral color, black, white and gray are modern, simple and fashionable, and the artistic sense and warmth are higher than the skyline. Simply going up the wall is a beautiful landscape.

4. Advanced technology, green and healthy

The middle board marble tiles adopts a special formula in technology, which can effectively absorb harmful ingredients in the living environment, making the home not only warm and emotional, but also greener and healthier.

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