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SV-1T87101 Loka beige

SV-1T87101 Loka beige 800x800mm

SV-1T87101 Loka beige

SV-1T87101 Loka beige 800x800mm

SV-1T87101 Loka beige

SV-1T87101 Loka beige 800x800mm

SV-1T87101 Loka beige

SV-1T87101 Loka beige 800x800mm

SV-1T87101 Loka beige
SV-1T87101 Loka beige
SV-1T87101 Loka beige
SV-1T87101 Loka beige

Model number:SV-1T87101 Loka beige


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Advertising Language: Treasures in Bricks Enjoy Quality

Design inspiration:

Based on precious stone, the precious marble texture is deeply restored, and the product texture is clear and natural, showing realistic stone effect; The combination of all-in-one cloth technology and three-dimensional mixed color coloring technology makes the texture of the green body closer to the original stone, realizes the all-in-one texture from the outside to the inside, and reproduces the real stone texture.

Selling point of products:

1. Restore the real stone

Through multi-tube cloth, glaze overlay technology and screen printing technology, the glaze layer is immersed into the texture of the product, and the glaze wear resistance is increased, which makes it more stereoscopic. All-in-one, regardless of grooving, chamfering and edging, is naturally applied, and the decorative effect is natural and realistic, which is suitable for deep processing and application of products. Fashion home decoration and hotel tooling are essential.

2. Different faces

Italy's 8-channel inkjet printing equipment and high-definition overspray technology can truly restore the color and texture of stone. The multi-faceted expression effect of one stone makes the surface texture of the product infinitely extend, smooth and natural, and restores the overall texture of the stone more closely, which is suitable for large-scale paving.

3. Combination of light and softness

The glossiness of products approaches the brightness of natural stone. The combination of 55-degree soft light and 85-degree bright light makes the product light soft, soft and transparent, rich in layers and three-dimensional in texture, creating multi-angle and multi-brightness stereoscopic visual effects, and bringing beautiful enjoyment to vision and soul. This is more in line with the needs of modern post-80s and post-90s decoration.

4. Hard as King Kong

Using imported glaze, the surface of the product is as hard as diamond, wear-resistant and planing-resistant, not easy to scratch, and has better antifouling and self-cleaning performance.

Technological breakthrough:

1. Advanced equipment

Italian 8-channel code printing equipment is introduced, and the product color is close to natural stone, delicate, one stone is multi-faceted, the pieces are different, and the models are classic. The whole shop is paved and used, and the texture is natural and there is no repetition.

2. Multiple technologies

The combination of color mixing cloth with ink-jet printing and screen printing can highly restore the texture and texture of stone, so that the product can achieve the application effect of natural stone in the use process.

3. Multiple glazing

Multi-glaze stacking technology, integrating various printing processes, can achieve a multi-faceted process, which can better meet the space decoration effect, enhance the aesthetic feeling of the space, and make the space more varied and rich in layers.

4. Soft throwing process

The soft polishing process focuses on improving the glossiness of the surface. Generally, it does not need leveling and rough polishing, but directly carries out fine polishing. Moreover, the grinding head has a high abrasive fineness, which makes the product comparable to the original stone and achieves a more realistic decorative effect.

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