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SV-P18732 grey wood grain

SV-P18732 grey wood grain 800x800mm 600x600

SV-P18732 grey wood grain

Model number:SV-P18732 grey wood grain

Specification:800x800mm 600x600

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Advertising Language: Natural Color Smart Space

Design source:

Escape from Shan Ye and enjoy the unique natural scenery. Born in various ways, it originates from the smart art of nature, and interprets the stunning unique charm of Yuan Ye with unique technology.

Process characteristics and selling points of products:

1, super fine soft throw

Ultra-fine soft polishing technology is adopted, and the crystal wear-resistant glaze is carefully polished, with a glossiness as high as 90 degrees, showing elegant temperament.

2. Ming Yan takes pictures of people

High-definition digital inkjet technology, 72 million high-definition color spraying, enjoy the crystal clear high-definition home environment.

3. Completely antifouling

Exercise at a high temperature of 1300 degrees is pollution-resistant and wear-resistant, which lasts forever and gets rid of housework troubles from now on.

4. Pure flat mirror throwing

The anti-pollution and wear-resistant ice crystal glaze is fired at high temperature, with high density and thick glaze layer, which makes it easy and pleasant to take care of.

5. Noble enjoyment

Combining the whole atmosphere with the local exquisiteness, it has strong stereoscopic impression, natural and delicate texture and elegant and warm color tone.

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