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Sublimation ceramics @ you, you have a live guide to the epidemic of returning to work, to be checked!

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2020 is destined to be a year of both test and hope

The Spring Festival in 2020 is a special Spring Festival

The streets are deserted

Being at home has become our only theme

Go out less frequently, ventilate frequently, wash hands frequently and wear masks

It is the greatest contribution we can make to our country


"The epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility", # The "epidemic situation" of the Spring Thunder Action War does not stop #. In order to do a good job in the safe production of resuming work and resuming production, Yan Songtao, the director of the administrative and internal affairs department of Shenghua Enterprise, was broadcast live online at 15:00 pm on February 24th, giving you the knowledge of popular science and epidemic prevention: four "in place" and eight "ones". More safety knowledge about the resumption of epidemic prevention will be waiting for you in the live broadcast room. We will be there in the rain and wind!


Xiaobian lists the following protective measures for resuming work! I hope more people can look at novel coronavirus rationally and have more peace of mind and courage under the epidemic.


Pay attention to avoiding the crowd

In novel coronavirus, people flow around the Spring Festival and people-to-people contact easily lead to cross-infection. The gathering should be reduced and the distance should be kept. Less on the way to and from work: bus and subway. Suggestions: Walk, ride and drive. If you have to take public transport, you must wear a mask all the way, avoid touching the goods on the bus directly, and wash your hands and disinfect in time after you arrive at the company.


First of all, you should control your legs, don't walk or go out without special circumstances, and discourage relatives and friends from staying at home as much as possible.


Wash hands frequently to prevent infection

Novel coronavirus can breed viruses by touching elevators and door handles in our daily life. Therefore, in the case of epidemic prevention, it is very important to wash hands frequently and strengthen personal protection.



Wash your hands in your heart



I knew the high-risk ranking of the office area

Novel coronavirus is mainly spread by droplets in the air. The places with poor air circulation, high personnel density and frequent personnel exchanges are all high-risk areas. Ranking of danger degree in office area: elevator room, dining hall/restaurant, office.



Take the elevator and wear a mask

If it is inevitable to go to the elevator during work, pay attention!

1. Be sure to wear a mask when taking the elevator

2. Be sure to disinfect the elevator room frequently, especially the buttons


This time, novel coronavirus can spread through droplets, so it is necessary to wear a mask. Only wearing a good mask can effectively reduce virus infection.


Avoid eating together

An area crowded with people waiting in line for meals or meals is an area with a large flow of people and a high density.

Therefore, we must do:

1. Take off your mask at the last moment when you sit down and eat

2. Avoid eating face to face and avoid eating and talking

3. Avoid eating together. It is recommended that the canteen be packaged and then return to the station to eat alone



Pay attention to environmental hygiene

Wash your hands more often: before entering and leaving the office, after circulating documents, and during rest time

More disinfection: wipe the keyboard, mouse, stationery, desk and chair, landline telephone and personal belongings with disinfectant wipes. Cleaning and disinfection of door handles, buttons, switches, water dispensers and disinfectants for public goods

More ventilation: keep indoor ventilation and turn on less central air conditioning


Many people are about to return to work.

So during the period of returning to work,

Pay attention to the above protection details

There is no mountain that cannot be turned over, and there is no river that cannot be crossed

We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of the whole society,

United as one, United as one, group defense and group control

Will be able to win the epidemic prevention and control war!


When the spring blossoms,

We can say goodbye to the "epidemic" of this war!

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