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Living room marble tiles-creating a textured life

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The living room is the most important space for family decoration. For the vast majority of people, it is not only a family business card, but also the love between family environments, and it is a place where the warmth of family education can be improved. At present, people with a fast pace of living and working need to build and upgrade their living rooms to create a good family atmosphere. Sublimate ceramics to introduce you to the living room

marble tiles Style brings some inspiration for the living room.


Modern style

     Comfortable and simple modern design style is an excellent choice in order to facilitate family communication in daily study and life. In order to highlight the conciseness of vision, gray and light beige are the main tone in color, and there are few kinds of colors. Modernist style marble tiles Remove redundant decorations, and build the world of social life with simple lines or natural lines, which is beautiful, elegant, simple and practical.

European style

      European style, paying attention to the symmetrical beauty of space, and the retro and complicated decoration is full of European style. The European style living room of the building focuses on romance and luxury, dark and light marble tiles The contrast, blue and white designs are simple Nordic style labels.

New Chinese style

The living room with the new Chinese design style pursues the traditional Chinese architectural aesthetics, pays attention to the development space for layout, "walking can change the scenery", advocates the interest of learning natural life, and pays attention to the setting near the window, thus ensuring the lighting and ventilation of the natural environment. The living room decorated in new Chinese style is decorated with sandalwood tables and chairs, etc., and the beautifully carved patterns with wooden details make the living room introverted and rigorous, full of retro charm, elegant and comfortable.


    Use in living room marble tiles,It is a good choice to create different family unique business cards. Creating a living room with your heart will greatly improve the quality of life and enliven the family atmosphere.

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