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Tiling is very common for home decoration.

Living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen ...

Although ceramic tiles are beautiful and practical,

But paving ceramic tiles is really not a worry.

The following small series will take you to find out

Basic knowledge of tile paving.







Clean back mortar

It is easy to form a layer of white powder on the back of ceramic tile when processing in ceramic tile factory. This layer of powder will form a barrier layer during paving, which will affect the contact between cement mortar and brick, thus reducing the bond strength. Therefore, it must be carefully handled before paving. If necessary, it can be scrubbed before and after soaking in water to ensure that there is no residue in mortar.



Can it be directly paved on the original tiles

If it is a wall brick, it is generally not recommended to tile directly. The original wall surface will be relatively smooth due to the tile paving. Tiling directly on the brick will lead to insufficient cohesive force on the back of the tile, which will easily lead to loose and falling off of the tile, and the installed cabinets, hardware, mirrors and other items will easily fall off, resulting in safety accidents.

If it is a floor tile, it is ok, but it will reduce some indoor heights, depending on individual circumstances.



Grassroots treatment

The basic treatment of metope is a very important work. Before paving, the basic treatment must be clean to ensure that all kinds of dirt and plaster are removed. In addition, whether the base course is flat, whether there is hollowing and cracking, whether the waterproof napping layer is delaminated, etc., are all details that should be paid attention to.



Clean sticky dirt in time

1 hour after paving, the cement, caulking agent or other sticky objects left on the brick surface should be wiped clean in time, because it is difficult to clean after four hours of adhesion like caulking agent.


The bonding material should be uniform

Many masters will use a scraper to quickly scrape back and forth when applying "ceramic tile glue", and turn the corner in radian, which is not correct, because the uneven dentate surface and uneven density will lead to a smaller bonding area between paving materials and ceramic tiles and a weaker adhesive force.

The correct way should be: on the horizontal base plane, the tile glue is evenly formed into a strip-shaped layout with a toothed scraper.



Check the paving effect

After paving for 12 hours, the paving effect of ceramic tiles (empty drum rate, cracks, etc.) should be checked in time, and if unqualified tiles are found, they should be laid again.

Although there are professional tilers in tile paving construction, it is necessary to know the basic knowledge of tile paving before construction and get rid of the deep pit of decoration. Choose sublimated ceramics to create a healthy and comfortable living space for you.

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