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Why do the high-grade ceramic tiles in the market like to do more than one stone?

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We don't often hear: our high-grade tiles are very good and very high-end, because the tiles are multi-faceted in one stone? Yes, this stone is multifaceted. Many people can say that "one stone is multifaceted" means that there are several kinds of textures on the surface of a brick. This development and they call it "one stone is multifaceted".


In fact, the multi-faceted stone of high-grade ceramic tile refers to the use of various technologies, such as a multi-faceted stone tile surface: fully polished, semi-polished, polished soft, flat, natural surface, mold surface, etc. Generally speaking, in a brick, the same size, the same color, and the texture are not necessarily the same. The key is different surface treatment process, some polishing, some matte, some flat plates and some mold surfaces.

Since ancient times, natural stone has been our first choice for decorating our new home. Because of its vivid and changeable texture, the texture trend is consistent with the terrain and undulation, and each layer of natural stone has different cross sections, thus achieving the hierarchical change of decorative effect. However, high-grade ceramic tiles generally use natural stone as template, adopt advanced ink-jet technology, special process effect and rich texture to perfectly replicate the texture of stone, and comprehensively improve the shortcomings of natural stone such as insufficient hardness and weak anti-pollution, so we can make a stone with four lines, and some can make a stone with 12 lines or even more.

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