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Texture and decorative effect of marble tiles

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The texture of marble tiles has changed a lot, and it can always be interpreted well whether it is beautiful and luxurious or fresh and simple. Although the texture of each marble is unique, the shapes of marble can be varied to maximize the beauty of marble.

Italian wood grain is presented in a typical line pattern, with different colors. Cold and warm colors give people a feeling of distinct division, while the wood grain is fashionable and elegant. Marble texture is mixed, smooth and natural, paving a large area can enhance the depth of space.


Linear texture can make space design more stereoscopic, and when paving, it can change the development direction through texture, which brings more personalized combined teaching effect. Irregularly extending linear texture, from thick to thin, looks like cracks on brick surface. Different thickness and density of cracks bring different decorative styles.

Marble tiles brand's texture is interlaced, concave and convex, as if the roots were stretched, and as if the rocks were cracked. Indiscriminate expansion of the texture, do not have a sense of heroic. Because of its dense texture, it is more suitable for small-area paving or combination with other tiles. Clear, natural and transparent ice flower shape, casual fission, blooming its own flower-like, low-key and restrained beauty, which can still maintain its unique beauty when applied in various development space design styles. Whether it is used for accessories or pure pavement, it is very brilliant, so it is no wonder that it has become a classic texture.

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