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The gorgeous decoration of marble tiles

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Marble tiles depends on its high quality, but its manufacturing process is different. High strength, more wear-resistant, pressed by a high-ton press and fired at high temperature. High density brick, high strength, more wear-resistant, easy to clean. Marble tiles concave-convex texture, multi-layer screen overprint technology, rich colors, natural and smooth texture, giving people a three-dimensional visual feast.


The edges and corners are flat, and the ceramic tile body is hard and firm. After firing, the right angle of the sideline is sharp and delicate, and it rarely collapses in case of collision. Marble tiles all-ceramic green brick, wear-resistant and waterproof. All-ceramic base has better waterproof performance, ultra-low water absorption rate, no crack and peculiar smell after long-term use, uneven texture on the back, increased adhesion, saved working hours and auxiliary materials, and showed more advantages in paving.

Marble tiles technology, multi-layer silk screen overprinting, texture, three-dimensional, layered and heavy feeling of ceramic tiles, and multi-layer glaze, which truly restore the beautiful color of ceramic tiles.

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