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The way of paving in marble tiles

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Marble tiles has a wide range of applications and can be used in landmark engineering buildings that need a sense of honor and glory; It can also be used in private mansions that need to show their master style; Marble tiles can be paved on the floor and on the wall, and can be widely used on indoor and outdoor walls. So, do you know the paving methods in marble tiles?

Traditional zhengpu

Parallel to the wall. Brick joints are aligned and treated with jointing agent with similar brick color, which looks clean and tidy. Suitable for modern minimalist style. Rectangular or square tile paving can make the whole space appear spacious and make the simple space more refined.


Diamond inclined shop

It is suitable for European and Chinese styles, as well as modern simple style, and the effect is more fashionable. Square tiles with smaller specifications are laid obliquely, which is suitable for local decoration in small areas.

Back-shaped paving

The ceramic tile is used to cut the growth strips twice, and different colors are used around the main brick, thus forming the "back" vision. Exquisite, special and unforgettable. In addition to single-layer word laying, it can also be used by folding edges or combining collages, and the appearance is doubled.

Lattice paving

Dot-matrix paving can be called a starry sky in the industry, and a small accessory is like a star, which embellishes the aesthetic feeling of different spaces.

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