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SH18294 Ao Jin mi Huang

SH18294 Ao Jin mi Huang 800x800mm 600x600mm

SH18294 Ao Jin mi Huang

Model number:SH18294 Ao Jin mi Huang

Specification:800x800mm 600x600mm

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Advertising language: from natural rock breaking

Selling point of products:

1. Pure raw materials are healthy and environmentally friendly

Imported colored glaze and domestic stable good clay are produced according to international standards.

2. Uniform size and excellent quality

Standard, stable, smooth and easy to pave. Sintering at 1250℃ makes the product vitrified and has excellent quality.

3. Strengthened wear resistance is higher

The surface Mohs hardness is higher than grade 7, and the wear resistance is higher than European standard by 30%. Has better flexural and compressive strength, and is not easy to be damaged during transportation and construction.

4, natural three-dimensional easy to clean and antifouling

Clear colors and patterns, strong stereoscopic impression and good texture. Using nano-treatment technology, the gloss is over 90, and the antifouling ability is extremely strong.

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